Top 15 Things To Do In Ooty For A Memorable Trip

By Amandeep September 07 2022

If you love traveling and exploring new places, you must already have Ooty on your travel bucket list. 

Also known as the "Queen of Hill Stations," Ooty is amidst the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges of Tamil Nadu. The majestic hills, tranquil lakes, dense forests, magnificent waterfalls—the town has everything to make your nature trip fascinating!

Moreover, Ooty faces enjoyable weather throughout the year, making it the perfect getaway destination! Tourists can also enjoy a variety of activities here. Therefore, we'll try to cover some of the best things to do in Ooty in this article.

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Visit the famous Dolphin's Nose at Ooty

The Dolphin's Nose is a famous viewpoint for tourists in Ooty. It's about 1550 m above sea level and requires a little effort to reach the spot. However, the drive to this point is full of picturesque sceneries, including lush green tea plantations. 

Also, you might be wondering why the place is named so. So, to answer that, this nature's creation has a protruding rock that resembles a dolphin's nose! One can easily capture the stunning view of Catherine Falls. You can also witness the point where the Coonoor river meets with the Kotagiri stream. So, if you're in Ooty, do not skip this magnificent point from your list of must-visit places.

Watch the mesmerizing view from Ketti Valley View Point

Ketti Valley View Point is another famous tourist point in Ooty. It's set on top of a hill from where you can enjoy a stunning sight of the largest valley of Nilgiris, the Ketti Valley.

You'll also find a telescope room at the viewpoint, which one can use for a better 360° and zoomed-in view of the scenery. Also, the tourists generally swarm around the place, so make sure you go early to get the perfect pictures with the stunning backdrop for your next Instagram post!

Try riding a boat at the beautiful Ooty Lake

The Ooty Lake is a famous attraction point among locals and tourists. It's about 2 km away from the town and covers an area of 65 acres. Also, surrounding the lake is the lush green vegetation. As a result, you'll find various Eucalyptus trees and small streams running through the hills and meeting at the lake. 

The place is ideal for nature lovers who want to spend some peaceful time boating on the lake. The Nilgiri Mountain Ranges offer the perfect backdrop for your nature photoshoots. Also, always keep your camera on standby to click some amazing pictures of the exotic species of water birds. 

Did you know? The base of the lake was laid in 1824 by the collector of Coimbatore, John Sullivan.

Check out the must-visit Ooty Thread Garden

If you want to see the artistry of the people of Ooty, visiting this unique Thread Garden is a must! The place is a popular tourist destination because it showcases various collections of beautiful artworks made of thread. 

You'll be surprised to know that about six crore meters of embroidery thread were used to create this unique garden. Here, you'll find a range of artificial plants and flowers made skillfully by the town's artists using colorful threads. Generally, they pick up cardboard pieces and wrap them with these threads to create flowers and leaves. And for stems, they use copper or steel wires as support.

Soak in the beauty of Emerald Lake

As a part of the Silent Valley National Park, Emerald Lake offers the perfect spot to heal your soul. It's in a small village, Emerald, about 20-22 km from Ooty. 

The place is one of the undiscovered spots in Ooty, so you'll find less crowd and more peaceful vibes. Also, the villagers maintain a clean environment around the lake. So, it's advised for the tourists to do the same and not spoil the lake's charming beauty.

If you're a nature photographer, this place should be on your list to capture some insane shots of the awe-inspiring landscape.

Ride the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

If you're up for a fun train ride through beautiful valleys, dark tunnels, and high bridges, the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train is for you! It has been running since 1899, charming its passengers while passing through nature. The 46 km train ride starts from Mettupalayam and ends at Ooty. It's a total 5-hour journey that promises stunning views on the route. So, if you're on a trip to this town, make sure you add the train ride to the list of must-do activities in Ooty.

Did you know? In 2005, the age-old Nilgiri Mountain Railway was added to UNESCO as a part of World Heritage Site.

Visit the astonishing Catherine Waterfall

If you're up for some adventure, visiting the astonishing Ooty Waterfalls is a must! One such magnificent waterfall in the town is the Catherine Fall. Reaching the top of the waterfall requires some effort to hike through a tiring yet mesmerizing trail. But the view from there makes everything worth it!

Also, don't forget to carry your camera with you to capture the scenic beauty of the place to take back home.

Get mesmerized by the astonishing Kalhatti Falls

The Kalhatti Falls, also known as the 'Bird Watcher's Paradise,' is about 13 km from Ooty. The place is named so because it has a wide variety of avian species, making it an ideal place for birdwatchers. Besides, the tranquil atmosphere of the place attracts various tourists for a peaceful time in nature's lap.

Also, once you reach the top, you'll get a bird's-eye view of the entire picturesque valley. So, don't forget to capture the beauty of the landscape with your camera!

Below the waterfall is the famous Bellikkal lake, an essential source of drinking water for the villagers. Many elephants also visit the lake from time to time, offering a beautiful sight to the visitors.

Check out the famous Wax Museum of Ooty

If you're with children on this trip, visiting the wax museum is the way to go! This museum is located near Ooty Lake in a 130-year-old Colonial Mansion. 

It showcases various life-sized wax statues that will leave you and your kids surprised in amazement. Moreover, these statues resemble the famous personalities of Indian history, including the political leaders and freedom fighters. So, visiting this place with kids will also help them learn about glorious Indian history! 

Enjoy a picturesque view from the Doddabetta Peak

As the highest peak in the Nilgiri Mountain Range, Doddabetta Peak is towering at an altitude of 2,623 m above sea level. If you didn't already know, Doddabetta also means a 'big hill' that justifies its height.

The place offers a treat to the eyes as you witness the picturesque beauty of the surrounding Nilgiri area. It also has a telescope house on top of the peak, allowing people to watch the nearby places more clearly. 

Also, one must visit this place when the weather is clear and sunny. So, if you plan a visit in March, you'll find this place quite crowded. 

Take Blessings from Lord Murugan at Annamalai Temple

Although the Annamalai Temple is about 20 km from Ooty, it's worth visiting for people seeking inner peace. Devoted to Lord Murugan, the temple is built on the border of Coonoor. As a result, it's not that well-known among people from outside of Coonoor. 

Here, you'll find locals performing the daily rituals of the temple and an elderly running a small ashram nearby for tourists. The place offers a serene environment to spend some days in peace. And the lush green grasslands add a charm to the beauty of the landscape, making it a must-visit location on the list.

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Take a stroll in the beautiful Rose Garden of Ooty

The Ooty Rose Garden is another famous attraction point among tourists. It's a beautiful garden located in the center of the town for nature lovers. 

The whole place is adorned with greenery, different types of roses, and other flower species. The roses not just add to the sight of the garden but also provide a strong scent that helps the visitors to calm down and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the place.

The garden is also of great importance to botany students due to its wide variety of flora.

Visit the famous Tea Museum

The Tea Museum or Tea Factory is a must-visit place in Ooty. Here, you can learn about the origin and evolution of tea. Not just that, but the museum also showcases a variety of preserved tea leaves for display. 

Surrounding the museum are the lush green tea plantations of Ooty that offer a picturesque landscape for photography. You'll also find a souvenir shop beside the museum, selling different kinds of tea leaves. You can try some of these onsite and buy some to take back home!

Also, the museum is located on Doddabetta Road, near some of the budget hotels in Ooty.

Check out the Summer Festival of Ooty

If you're in Ooty in May, don't forget to be a part of the annual Summer Festival! It's a 16-day fest organized by Ooty's Tourist Department in May. The whole purpose of this festival is to promote tourism in the town.

The Summer festival holds various activities and cultural programs, describing the lifestyle and culture of the town. Among these, the most popular ones are fruit shows, vegetable shows, rose shows, flower shows, and boat races. Usually, most of these activities are held in the rose or botanical garden, but the boat race takes place in the beautiful Ooty Lake.

Don't forget the Pine Forest for a fun outing

If you want to go on a fun excursion with your friends, the Pine Forest is the spot for you! The forest lies in between Thalakunda and Ooty, and it has been a preferred shooting point in many movies. 

Taking a stroll amidst the forest with tall Pine trees around you is considered therapeutic. Here, you can also enjoy a picnic, but ensure that you take the garbage back with you.


Ooty is an ideal tourist destination to forget your worries and unwind a little. Restore your energy by spending quality time alone or with your friends and family in the arms of nature.

Plus, with so many beautiful places to visit and fun activities, you'll hardly ever be out of options. So, why are you still here? Go and plan your Ooty trip today!

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