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Are you looking forward to your trip to a new city? If yes, you must be worried about the accommodation options. Be it a fun-filled vacation or a business trip, finding hotels near me in your preferred location can be a daunting task. Thankfully, BYO has a special feature that allows you to look for the best budget-friendly hotels near you.

Below is a guide to help you enhance your search results on our website.

How to find hotels near my location for a budget stay? 

  • Once you open our website, you must fill in some details. Start by entering the area in which you want to find the hotels. Then proceed with filling in the check-in and check-out dates in the search box.
  •  Now, browse through the 'hotels near me' option to get a list of budget-friendly options.
  •  Go through each hotel.
  •  Our site provides you with detailed descriptions of each hotel. You'll see actual images of the rooms, honest guest reviews, hotel policies, Google map locations, and the cost of each room for a night.
  •  Also, all the hotels on our site feature top-class facilities at a reasonable price. So, you can choose your preferred accommodation from the list of 'best hotels near me'.
  •  Once you're done picking, click on 'Book Now' to confirm the booking. Also, apply a coupon code if you have any to get additional offers. You will generally find various bank offers and deals on different hotels on our website.
  •  You're almost done with the booking, so enter the details asked and make the payment. You can pay through Net Banking, Credit/Debit Cards, and Cash Wallets.
  •  If you don't want to pay online, you can use the feature- 'Pay at Hotel' However, all the online transactions from our site are safe and secure.
  •  Your search for 'hotels near me' ends once the booking is complete.
  •  Now, you can prepare for your trip without worrying about your accommodation!


Q1. How can I find the best couple-friendly accommodation options near my preferred location?

 Ans. Click on the 'Find Nearby Hotels' option to find couple-friendly hotels near you. You'll have a list of hotels available. Now, choose the & 'Couple-friendly' option while applying a filter to your searches. And you're done! Choose the one you prefer the most out of the various options given. 

Q2. How to find hotels with double/triple occupancy? 

Ans. While searching for hotels near me in your preferred city/locality, click on the filter option and choose & 'double' or 'triple' occupancy to get the hotels with such rooms. 

Q3. How to find hotels near popular tourist destinations? 

Ans. Guests can find budget hotels near tourist spots just by entering the locality of those places in the search box. One can even refine the search results by applying a locality filter.