15 Best Places To Visit In Lonavala - Discover Lonavala's Hidden Gems

By Amandeep October 05 2023

There's nothing more revitalizing than a nature-clad hill station, especially when you are in a dire need of a break from your monotonous city life! And Lonavala might just serve as the haven you've been looking for. Lonavala has got everything that a nature enthusiast can ask for and more! From historical fortresses to lush green forests and serene lakes there's nature in abundance. 

So here we have come up just for you with some of the amazing places to visit in Lonavala. As for the hotel bookings, you can always trust BYO. Whether you want to stay at cheap Lonavala Hotels or book a luxury villa with a hill view, BYO has handcrafted the list for visitors! With this, let's dive into the must-visit Lonavala tourist places that you should explore at least once.

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15 Hidden Places To Visit In Lonavala 

1. Tiger's leap

Tiger's leapTiger's leap | #1 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala 

The first gem on our list of places to see in Lonavala is the magnificent Tiger's leap, sitting pretty at around 650 meters above sea level. Its resemblance to a tiger taking a giant leap gives the location its name. This gem of a location gives all the tourists, the perfect spot to indulge in trekking, hiking, or a simple site-seeing. With an echo point, a serene waterfall, and a picturesque view; this place is ready to offer you the quality time you've been craving!

2. Pawana Dam

Pawana DamPawana Dam | #2 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Next on the list of best hidden tourist places Pawana Lake also known by the name of Pawana Dam Reservoir. This artificial reservoir near Lonavala is an ideal tourist spot for a relaxing getaway from the city's hustle-bustle. You can chill here with your family and friends, or go around on a hiking or boating excursion. To feel the freshness of the water and the lush greenery to the fullest, the monsoon is the best time to visit. 

3. Bhaja caves

Bhaja cavesBhaja caves | #3 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

A set of 22, magnificent rock-cut caves, dating back to as early as the second century BC are another incredible spot in Lonavala. The expedition for the Bhaja caves begins from the Bhaja village, where a zig-zag trail is set up to take the tourists to these caves. These Buddhist excavations along with the age-old inscriptions and the temple within are of utmost significance to the state and are preserved as a monument of national importance. The tourists can also go on an exploration tour of the surrounding area or take a dip into the waterfall nearby.

4. Tungarli Lake

Tungarli Lake | #4 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Among the most popular Lonavala tourist places is the Tungarli Lake. This hidden gem with a picturesque view and a serene ambiance attracts nature enthusiasts and romantic couples alike. A little recreational trip around the lake is the perfect way to refresh your mind and soul. Adventure lovers can always pack up and get ready for trekking or camping! 

5. Lion's Point

lion point lonavalaLion's Point | #5 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Sitting midway between the Aamby valley and the Bhushi Dam, Lion's Point is another popular tourist spot in Lonavala with the beauty that will leave you dumbfounded. Straddling a cliff, the Lion's Point offers an excellent spot for appreciating the beauty of sunsets. Among the best tourist places in Lonavala, the lion spot is a favorite among adventure lovers and is a commonly frequented location for evening and night treks. 

6. Tikona Fort

Tikona FortTikona Fort | #6 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Located around 60km from Pune, the Tikona fort, literal for 'triangular' derives its name from its pyramidal shape. The hill is around 3500 feet in height and is a monument of historical significance among the Maratha empire. The fort encompasses the 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple, seven water tanks, and some historic caves. The fort is a famous trekking destination and is enlisted among the must-visit Lonavala tourist places owing to its popularity to its large entrances, scenic view of the Pawana lake, and glorious history. 

7. Karla Caves

Karla CavesKarla Caves | #7 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Another group of ancient caves making it to our curated list of best tourist places in Lonavala are the Karla caves. Located around 11 km from Lonavala, these Buddhist caves are just as significant historically as the Bhaja caves. With origins dating back to as old as the second to fifth century BC, these caves hold immense historical knowledge of the Buddhist culture in terms of sculptures and carvings. This place is a must-visit to our history enthusiasts!  

8. Rajmachi Fort 

Rajmachi Fort Rajmachi Fort  | #8 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Lonavala is the Rajmachi Fort, this historical fort is perched on the rocky hills of the Sahyadri mountains. The fort comprises two twin fortresses, namely the Manaranjan and the Shriwardhan. On top of serving as a historical marvel, the fort offers the tourists a mind blowing view full of lush greenery to admire. The fort is also frequented by hikers and trekkers. The adventure combined with a lavish view makes it an ideal option for adventure lovers. 

9. Reverse Waterfall

Reverse Waterfall Reverse Waterfall | #9 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

If you are a nature lover and happen to be around Lonavala, make sure to include the Reverse Waterfall in your checklist. This natural wonder of a waterfall in Naneghat is a sight to behold, owing to the perception that its water is flowing upwards. The rich green surroundings (especially during the monsoon) also add to the charm and make it a perfect tourist spot for a peaceful day out.

10. Canyon Valley

Canyon ValleyCanyon Valley | #10 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Canyon Valley is one of the most famous tourist places located along the Ulhas River in Lonavala. It is a beloved one-day trek destination among nearby travelers. The unique part about this valley is the contrasting route the hikers need to take. Here the trek begins with a downward slope and the return is marked by an upward hike with beautiful scenery for you to admire in between. The trek is a bit on the harder side, but the picturesque trail makes it worth the hard work!

11. Kune Waterfalls

Kune WaterfallsKune Waterfalls | #11 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala is a place blessed with some of the most beautiful waterfalls and the Kune falls is one of  the most enchanting places to see in Lonavala. This three-tiered waterfall is a beautiful addition to your holiday retreat list, especially if you are a nature enthusiast! It is the 14th largest waterfall in India and is exceptionally glorious during the monsoon season. Tourists can either enjoy the view or take a dip into its refreshing water!  

12. Bhimashankar trek

Bhimashankar trekBhimashankar trek | #12 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Sprinkled with natural beauty and heritage, the Bhimashankar Trek trail is a delightful addition and tops every list of the Lonavala sightseeing places. The trail is especially enjoyed by nature cum adventure lovers as it allows you to feel as close to nature as humanly possible while having your fair share of adventure. The trail in its all-natural glory is beautiful and photo-worthy. At the end of the trail lies the Bhimashankar temple, which is a preferred choice of visitors. 

13. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad FortLohagad Fort | #13 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Next in line among the popular places to visit in Lonavala, should be the Lohagad Fort. The fort also known as the Iron Fort is another architectural spectacle of the Maratha Empire. Sitting at an elevation of 3,389 feet from sea level, the fort is linked to the Visapur Fort via a small mountain range. Due to its historical significance as well as its wonderful location, it is loved by both history enthusiasts and adventure freaks! 

14. Amrutanjan Point

Amrutanjan PointAmrutanjan Point | #14 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Amrutanjan Point is one of the most underrated and unexplored places in Lonavala. The point is on the old Mumbai-Pune highway and is famous for the breathtaking view it provides. Anyone who has a thing for picture-perfect sceneries will fall in love with this place. The location offers a relaxing ambiance along with a view of cloudy mountains, and even a glimpse of some of the top attractions in Lonavala. 

15. Lonavala Lake

Lonavala LakeLonavala Lake | #15 of 15 Places to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala lake is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala for couples and families. Situated on the outskirts of Lonavala, the lake is a famous tourist attraction and garners special attention during the monsoon season. The lake is reserved with natural beauty uniting both the flora and the fauna. The travelers can enjoy sightseeing or opt for swimming or angling. Since it is a quite popular retreat destination among the tourists, the place also offers a lot of snack delights for you to indulge in! 


With this, we conclude our thoroughly explored list of the most beautiful places in Lonavala post lockdown. With the locations all ready and waiting, what's left for you to do is to pack your bags, visit Book Your Own, book your ideal hotel, and get moving! We promise to take care of all the hassle of your stay, so all you need to worry about is having fun. Once you're done with Lonavala and are on the lookout for another adventure, Mumbai isn't too far away! And we might come in handy with our list of things to do in Mumbai, to help you navigate through the available options with ease. 

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