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Conveniently situated in the middle of Pune and Mumbai.

Lonavala is a hugely famous and beautiful hill station situated between the bustling cities of Mumbai and Pune. Known for its wondrous natural beauty and cool, replenishing climate, it is the perfect location for a getaway from the busy life of the city. The enchanting hills make for a perfect hiking trip for adventure enthusiasts, and the chill waterfalls and picturesque view create a heavenly setting for couples, families, and friends to enjoy a vacation away from a boring life. 

These are some of the many attractions, that make it a popular choice among tourists from all walks of life. So, if you are interested in this greenery-filled getaway just pack your bags and head straight to the mesmerizing hillside leaving the headache of Booking hotels in Lonavala with us, we at  Book your own has a list of  budget hotels and guest rooms available in the city to select  for you!

Economical hotels

It's not necessary to have the vacation drill holes into your wallet in order to make it enjoyable. You can always count on the numerous Best Budget Hotels available for accommodation that provides comfort  with all the basic amenities available within your desired price range. There are a variety of Cheap Hotels in Lonavala to choose from ,especially in the hotspot areas where people like to visit more frequently. These hotels will surely  make your stay in Lonavala affordable and enjoyable!

Ideal for business meetings

Lonavala isn't a location known for some high-rise buildings or thriving top businesses. It is a small hill station that has based most of its economy on the tourism business. However, it does serve really well as an off-site meeting spot as it lies between two of the highly developed and business-oriented cities of Mumbai and Pune. There are a number of good hotels in Lonavala that are ideal to hold business meetings or conferences and enjoy the nature at the same time. Thus for your next business meeting book a Lonavala hotel  allowing you to enjoy work along with the lush green scenery of the city.

Lonavala is perfect for a romantic Escape

The mesmerizing hills and cool, cozy weather of Lonavala make for an ideal romantic trip for couples. There's nothing more beautiful than spending some quality time with your beloved partner while being surrounded by fresh natural splendor. 

The couples can find the Best Offbeat Places to Stay in Lonavala with us. At Book your own we can easily book hotels in Lonavala. You just need to carry a valid photo ID proof with you for smooth check-in, especially if you are unmarried. Not to forget, you both should be above 18 to avail hotel services! 

Price ranges for every pocket

Lonavala is an extremely renowned location for weekend outings, hikes, and more. People from all walks of life with different tastes and budgets visit Lonavala. In order to cater to the needs of every tourist that goes there, Lonavala has a variety of accommodations to offer ranging from magnificent resorts, luxury hotels to affordable 2 and 3-star ones. You don't need to worry about how to find out incredible cheap Hotels in Lonavala just go through the  checklist of our popular budget hotels in Lonavala. This list also covers the Boutique hotels in Lonavala

For our middle-class customers, the price range of hotels per night in Lonavala can goes up to 5000 rupees. This is subject to changes depending on the season, availability, and your choice of rooms. You can even get various discounts and deals on online booking with book your own.

Places to go for shopping

Lonavala isn't known for some high-rise buildings and shopping malls. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the colorfulness of nature. A few of the famous shopping sites in Lonavala are the Rajasthan emporium and the Lonavala Bazaar. You can choose from a wide range of best hotels in Lonavala that are located near or midway between these two places to offer you easy accessibility. Also, this magical hill station  has got a special treat in the form of chikkis and fudges for food lovers. These sweet goodies along with other traditional Indian Street food, make the markets even more vibrant and enjoyable!

Places To Visit Nearby Hotels In Lonavala

As we all know, Lonavala is known for its incredible natural beauty and attracts various tourists all over the world. If you choose to stay at a hotel near Mumbai, Pune Highway, then you can easily travel to top tourist attractions like Lonavala lake, Ryewood Park, and Bhairavnath Temple. Apart from that, many hotels in Lonavala,  are located in prime locations and make it easy to access major tourist spots like Tikona Fort, Bhaja Caves, etc.

Best Transport Connectivity

Although, Lonavala is considered as a hill station town but has great transport connectivity. The city is well connected via roads and rail. The Lonavala railway station runs several trains to all the major cities, including Pune and Mumbai. Also, you can choose to stay near the station by selecting a budget-friendly hotel. Besides that, both private and government buses operate regularly and connect to nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Follows proper Quarantine guidelines

Book Your Own intends to provide you with a list of the Best Places to Stay in Lonavala that offer a quarantine facility and abide by the WHO and MoHFW protocols to combat the spread of Covid-19. The list of measures taken by the hotels are as such follows:

  • Thermal screening for all guests and staff members. 

  • Bed linen and utensils are cleaned at 70°c. 

  • Sanitization is frequently done at all high touchpoints. 

  • Luggage and baggage are properly disinfected. 

  • To maintain social distancing, floors are marked. 

  • Guests can opt for in-room service. 

  • All staff members wear clinical masks, gloves during their working hours. 

  • Sanitizers, gloves, and masks are provided to all the guests.

  • Contactless payment and check-in / check-out facilities are available. 

  • Utilization of hospital-grade solutions for better cleaning.

Lonavala Hotel Booking Guidelines

  • Location: This is the most important criteria to keep in mind while booking  any hotel in Lonavala for extra convenience. Book a hotel that has easy access to the tourist attractions or market. Sometimes visitors overlook this thing as a result they end up checking in hotels  far away, which are both time and money consuming. So choose your hotel wisely. 
  • Season: It is not a good idea to plan a trip to any holiday destination when the place is having a peak season of tourists reason being  you would not get many options to choose from  and may also pay more than you were expecting. Thus it is advisable to pre-book your hotels if you are travelling during the peak season.
  • Budget: Don't overlook Budget when booking a hotel in Lonavala. We at Book your own can help you to get best budget friendly hotels in Lonavala. Just go through our list of the hotels an choose the one that fits in your pocket.
  • Best hotels  to Stay in Lonavala - Most of the  hotels in Lonavala are located near the  tourist hotspots like the Karla & Bhaja caves to name a few these are the best options to check in. Secondly, You can book hotels near Maharashtra State Transport Bus Stand or hotels near Lonavala Railway Station depending on your chosen means of transportation. This beautiful hillside has also got many homestays offering necessary amenities which are budget friendly.


Q. Are there any top tourist attractions in Lonavala?
Ans - Yes, there are some of the great tourist attractions in Lonavala, such as Duke's Nose, Narayani Dham Temple, Bhushi Dam, Bhairavnath Temple, etc. All these tourist spots are worth visiting and will bring immense joy and happiness. 

Q. Are there any trekking sites in Lonavala?
Ans - Lonavala is the perfect place for trekking and includes various trekking routes to Visapur Fort, Tamhini Ghats, Tung fort, Tikona Fort, and Bhimashankar. 

Q. What's the best time to visit Lonavala?
Ans - Lonavala is one of the most beautiful hill stations that will make you fall in love with nature's beauty. Although, October to March is considered as the best time to visit Lonavala. Besides that, if you are a monsoon lover, then you plan a trip around June to September. 

Q. Is there any nearest airport to Lonavala?
Ans - Yes, Pune Airport is the nearest one, and is located 72km away from Lonavala. Mumbai Airport is the closest one too and is just 95km away. You can easily travel to the airport via bus, train, or car. 

Q. What is the famous thing in Lonavala to buy?
Ans - The chikkis made up of jaggery and peanuts are pretty famous in Lonavala. Also, the local handmade accessories, garments, wooden statuettes are a good option for buying. 

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