8 Sacred Churches in Amritsar

By Amandeep September 06 2022

Amritsar is considered to be a city dominated by followers of Sikhism. This is not untrue because the history of this town has seen many Sikh Gurus fight for their people. Some of them even lost their lives or happily sacrificed themselves for the good of the people. However, the city also houses believers of other religions with their own places of worship.

There are many followers of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and many more religions. Among other tourist attractions in Amritsar, there are some religious places that one must not miss while on a trip to the city. Whether you believe in God or not, we recommend going to these locations to experience the spirit and belief of the locals.

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8 must-visit churches in Amritsar for you:

1) St. Paul’s Church

Built in the year 1852, St. Paul’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Amritsar. Originally it came under the Diocese of Lahore, however later it joined the Diocese of Amritsar, Church of North India post India-Pakistan partition in 1947. Rev. Cpt. John Wade served as Pastor for the longest time in the church, which was around 48 years.

The Church is built in a wide area with lots of greenery. It is decorated beautifully during Christmas and attracts thousands of tourists.

Palm Sunday is celebrated with a Peace March every year with almost 7000 people taking part. The March ends at St. Paul’s Church where everyone is provided food.

Location: Court Road, Rialto Chowk, Amritsar, Punjab

2) Christ Church Cathedral

The Church was established in 1851 and rebuilt in 1921, after being destroyed in a fire in 1919. Initially, it was governed by the Church of England in India. However, after India’s independence it came under the Church of North India in 1970. It was declared Cathedral of Amritsar back in 1988.

The furniture used in the Church is more than one-and-a-half centuries old and was built from high quality wood of Deodar trees. The desks, bishop’s chair and other furnishings tell the story of their time through their magnificent engravings.

Location: Ram Bagh Gate, Ram Bagh, Amritsar, Punjab

3) St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

One of the most beautifully built churches in Amritsar, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church showcases architecture skills from the British period. The Church is built at the end of a long pathway and has an open garden in the premises.

Tourists and followers visiting the holy place experience a calmness and positivity in the air. Even if you are not a religious person, you should visit the Church to witness the beauty of the structure and absorb the tranquillity.

Location: Chowk Rattan Singh, Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar, Punjab

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4) Everlasting Life Church

The Church keeps its doors open for everyone and welcomes them with love. Under the guidance of the current Pastor of the Church, it spreads the motto of “Revealing the word and vision with uprising companionship”.

Everlasting Life Church also holds weekly classes for students and believes in sharing knowledge. Good FridayEaster, and Christmas are commemorated in large gatherings and everyone receives blessings.

Location: Maqbool Pura, Mall mandi, Amritsar, Punjab

5) First Baptist Church

The followers rate it as one of the best churches in the district of Amritsar. In a list of many other popular destinations in Amritsar, the First Baptist Church is a major addition.

Give a break to your over-active mind for a moment and feel the peace within yourself. With faith in your heart and love in your soul, take a trip to the sacred place and you will come out feeling blessed.

Location: New Kapoor Nagar, Amritsar, Punjab

6) Anglican Church of India

King Henry VIII brought the Anglican Church into existence in 1534. The Anglican Church of India was formerly referred to as the Church of England in India. In 1927, it was finally removed from under the authority of the British Parliament and received its own identity.

The Anglican Church of India is one big autonomous Church body now that has its own rules and regulations. The Church in Amritsar has thousands of followers who attend the mass prayers. Festivities bring everyone together at the sanctified establishment where the celebrations occur at large scale.

Location: Bishop's House, Taylor Road, INA Colony, Amritsar, Punjab

7) The Pentecostal Elim Church

These churches came into existence back in the 1900s during the first World War and have been growing rapidly since then. There are many Pentecostal Elim Churches all across India and the one in Amritsar witnesses gatherings of many people from across the state as well as country.

Tourists, apart from followers, make a visit to the Church to seek blessings of God. As claimed by visitors, they find peace within the boundaries of the Church and the main hall has a very positive aura. Keep this on your go-to list and explore the religious side of Amritsar.

Location: Sandhu Colony, Chheharta, Amritsar, Punjab

8) Bible Church of God

The last one in our list of most visited churches in Amritsar is the Bible Church of God. The Church has a simpler architecture with pictures and carvings of Jesus Christ. Sunday masses are one of the popular events and attract a lot of followers.

Location: Court Road, Amritsar, Punjab


It is not mandatory to belong to or follow a religion, but accommodating others’ faith is important. Some people get hope by believing in God, while others find it peaceful. Whatever be the reason, these holy places make you realize your true self if you let the calmness sink in.

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The Bible Church of God greets each person entering its boundaries with tenderness and provides guidance to those who need or ask for it.

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