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Best hotels in Sheopur

Situated on the banks of the Sip River, Sheopur is a small city in Madhya Pradesh. The city's roots date back to around 1537 A.D. and are said to be founded by Indrasingh, the chief of Gaur Rajput. 

The age-old Forts, the nearly 200 years of Banjara Dam, the numerous Shiva Temples adorning the town, all serve as a tunnel to take you back to the city's nostalgic past and glorious royal days.

So, if you find this small town of Sheopur enchanting enough to visit, BookYourOwn has got all the details regarding Sheopur Hotel Booking to help you find the best hotels at the best locations, at the best prices. You can search and choose any of the well-sanitized hotels in Sheopur to stay at. 

Find the best lodgings in Sheopur at affordable pricing

Sheopur has a limited number of hotels available for booking. However, all the hotels available are pocket-friendly, have warm hospitality, a well-mannered staff, and standard cleanliness. Some of the top-rated hotels in Sheopur include Hotel Mangal Palace, Hotel Kuno Palace, Hotel Palm Residency, Hotel Jai Shree Palace, and Hotel Sawariya. 

For more details regarding the best budget and luxury hotels in Sheopur, you can visit our website. We offer the best-rated accommodations at the best price ranges and booking deals! 

Best housing options for couples in Sheopur

Finding a safe hotel can be quite difficult for unmarried couples. However, not with BookYourOwn. Our website has a list of all the couple-friendly hotels in Sheopur. All you need to do is visit our site and select the couple-friendly filter. Some of the top choices include Hotel City Palace and Hotel Mangal Palace. 

We suggest reading the terms and conditions of the hotel before booking a room for a hassle-free stay. Also, unmarried couples should be 18+ and need to have a local/government ID proof at the time of check-in.

Famous tourist attractions in Sheopur that you must visit

There are quite a few places of interest in Sheopur, especially of historical importance, for the tourists to explore. The Banjara Dam, the Sheopur Fort, the Baroda Fort, the Manpur Fort, and the Sahariya Museum are the major attractions of the city. 

You can visit our site and search for comfortable, well-sanitized hotels in sheopur, close to these tourist attractions for better accessibility and ease of traveling. 

How to reach Sheopur?

Sheopur does not have an airport of its own and hence, reaching Sheopur via airway can be quite a hassle. The nearest airport that you can find is the Gwalior Airport located 210 km from the town. 

Serving the Sheopur town, the Sheopur Kalan Railway Station is a single-platform station that lacks numerous facilities and proper sanitation. 

Sheopur enjoys roadway connectivity with numerous neighbouring cities, which are Shivpuri, Kota, Morena, and Gwalior. Once in Sheopur, you can book comfortable accommodation from our list of the best hotels near Sheopur on BookYourOwn and enjoy your holidays with minimum hassle.  


Q. What are the best pocket-friendly hotels in Sheopur?
Ans - Hotel Kuno Palace, Hotel Palm Residency, and Hotel Sawariya are a few of the best-rated budget hotels available in Sheopur. 

Q. Are there any couple-friendly hotels in Sheopur?
Ans - Sheopur doesn't have many stay options available. Some of the decent couple-friendly hotels in Sheopur are Hotel Mangal Palace and Hotel City Palace.

Q. What are the famous tourist spots in Sheopur?
Ans - The major tourist attractions in Sheopur include the Sheopur Fort, the Baroda Fort, the Manpur Fort, the Sahariya Museum, and the Banjara Dam. 

Q. Do the hotels in Sheopur offer an in-room dining facility?
Ans - Yes, in-room dining is available in most of the hotels In Sheopur. You can use the phone to order your food and call for room service. 

Q. What is the minimum age required to book accommodation in Sheopur?
Ans - The minimum age requirement in most hotels is 21 years. However, the policies differ from hotel to hotel. So, reading the terms and conditions of the hotels is important before booking.

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