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Best hotels in Ujjain

One of the seven Sacred Hindu Cities, the ancient city of Ujjain is located on the eastern bank of the River Kshipra. Historically known as the capital of the Avanti Kingdom, the city has been of immense cultural, political, and commercial importance in Central India. 

Adorned with age-old temples, the city continues to be a vital site of pilgrimage in India. Ujjain has also established its importance as an agricultural cum textile trade hub. With so much to offer, Ujjain sees a continuous influx of tourists across the year and has a wide variety of accommodation facilities for visitors from all walks of life. 

You can visit our website to book the best hotels in Ujjain, at best deal offers. Booking in advance is always better as you can choose your preferred accommodation with ease and at the best price ranges.  

An array of top-rated hotels in Ujjain for all types of visitors

When it comes to the best Budget and Luxury hotels in Ujjain, there is a spectrum of hotels that you can look through and choose. With varying budgets, the hotels vary too. Starting from the top, the best luxury stay facilities include Hotel Imperial, Rudraksh Club and Resorts, and Hotel Abika Elite. 

For people looking for budget hotels, Hotel Satyam Inn, Hotel Ashoka Palace, Hotel Bholenath, and Hotel Shree Vijay Palace are a few great options. 

Based on your preferences and hygiene standards you can select a cheap, pocket-friendly hotel or opt for any of the well-sanitized hotels in Ujjain available.

Book a safe and comfortable accommodation for a holiday with your beloved

Ujjain has a plethora of hotel options for tourists to choose from. However, for unmarried couples, finding a good hotel can still be a hassle. However, BookYourOwn provides a well-curated list of top couple-friendly hotels in Ujjain with just a few clicks! All you need to do is use the 'couple-friendly' filter. Some of the top selections include Hotel Sheekhar Inn, Hotel Satyam, and Hotel Mahalakshmi. 

To avoid any further inconvenience during check-in, unmarried couples should confirm that they are 18+ and have valid government ID proof with them. For any more queries regarding Ujjain Hotel Booking, you can visit your website. 

Best tourist attraction to explore in Ujjain

Ujjain is flowing with places of religious and historical significance. The Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple is one such marvel that is a must-visit if you are in Ujjain. Other popular attractions include the Harisiddhi Temple, Sandipani Ashram, Kal Bhairav Temple, ISKCON Temple, Bhartrihari Caves, Jantar Mantar, etc. 

With so many places to explore, it's better to book a hotel that is close to the major attractions of the city. That will not only help cut down your travel costs but also save your time and effort. You can visit our site to book from an array of well-sanitized hotels in Ujjain lying near the major tourism hubs of the city.  

How to reach Ujjain?

Ujjain does not have an indigenous airport. Located around 57 km from Ujjain, Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore is the nearest air terminal receiving flights from several major Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Srinagar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad, etc. Travelers can take a bus, cab, or taxi to traverse the remaining distance to reach Ujjain.

Situated just 1 km from the heart of the city, Ujjain Railway station receives trains from the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and many more. 

Ujjain also enjoys smooth road connectivity with several neighboring cities. Tourists can board a bus or hit the road in their own cars and set off to Ujjain. BookYourOwn offers some of the best hotels near Ujjain for tourists to book from.  


Q. What are the best budget accommodations for booking in Ujjain?
Ans - Hotel Bholenath, Hotel Amar Palace, Hotel Ashoka Palace, Hotel Midland are a few of the top budget-stay choices available in Ujjain.

Q. What are the famous attractions in Ujjain for tourists?
Ans - Top must-visit tourist attractions in Ujjain include Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple, Harsiddhi Temple, Chaubis Khamba, ISKCON Jain Temple, Kaliyadeh Palace, etc. 

Q. What are the best couple-friendly hotels in Ujjain?
Ans -  Some of the top couple-friendly hotel choices in Ujjain are Hotel Sheekhar Inn, Hotel Mahalakshmi, Hotel Satyam, and Hotel Prem Palace. 

Q. What are the top family-friendly hotels in Ujjain?
Ans - Hotel Abika Elite, Rudraksh Club and Resorts, Hotel Kalpana Palace Ujjain, and Hotel Imperial are a few highly reviewed accommodations by families. 

Q. What are the best pet-friendly stay facilities in Ujjain?
Ans - Hotel Satyam, Hotel Imperial, Hotel Kalpana Palace Ujjain, and Hotel Surya Resort are a few of the top Pet-friendly accommodations available in Ujjain.

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