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Duration in Nights ( 3 N - 9 N )


Budget per person (₹ 10000 - ₹ 10000 )




About Vietnam Tour Packages

If you've been considering a Vietnam trip, BookYourOwn's Vietnam tour packages allow you to fully explore this beautiful country!...

If you've been considering a Vietnam trip, BookYourOwn's Vietnam tour packages allow you to fully explore this beautiful country! With captivating sights and delicious cuisine, Vietnam has become a top Asian destination.

BookYourOwn (BYO) offers varied Vietnam holiday packages for every travel style. Our Vietnam packages work great for families with kids or elderly couples seeking guided group tours. Everyone can discover interesting things to do in Vietnam.

Here at BYO, we craft personalized Vietnam packages for couples and solo travelers who prefer independent exploration during their Vietnam trip.

Families can pick exciting Vietnam packages for a family or a couple allowing fun kid activities at beaches plus educational history trails. Couples may select tailored Vietnam honeymoon packages focused on romance, privacy and stunning scenery at vietnam beaches. Those seeking more adventurous Vietnam holidays can include biking, trekking, and kayaking options in their Vietnam packages.

Book Vietnam tour packages for your parents, elderly groups, and parents can benefit from guided Vietnam travel packages, with or without flights, featuring comforts and conveniences.

If you are planning a Vietnam trip with friends, we have amazing Vietnam travel packages for you. Alternatively, if you are considering a Vietnam vacation for yourself, we also offer fantastic Vietnam travel packages for solo travellers. 

Whether you envision a beach holiday, historical journey, jungle safari or food pilgrimage - BookYourOwn promises the best fitting Vietnam travel packages with or without flights for your travel passions! 

As Vietnam Vacation planning experts, we design fantastic customized Vietnam packages plans based on weather, rush at places etc. Our goal is for you to enjoy the Vietnam trip to the fullest! So you can rely on us for a smooth dream of Vietnam travel with your friends and family.

BYO deluxe Vietnam packages offer the finest hotels and amenities to indulge you during your Vietnam holidays. Whether you are looking for Vietnam tour packages for your parents or the best Vietnam packages for a family or a couple, BYO can assist you in planning your Vietnam trip.

Read below to explore activities in Vietnam tourism and find the best time to visit for effective holiday planning. Once you've decided, choose Vietnam vacation packages that suit your needs. Create a detailed Vietnam itinerary to ensure you don't miss any of the incredible sights and experiences the country has to offer.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Choosing the best time to visit Vietnam can be tricky. The ideal timing depends on your interests – avoiding rain, saving money, or attending festivals. Understanding Vietnam's diverse regional weather and tourism seasons helps pick suitable months.

Weather varies across Vietnam – the north has four seasons, central areas stay dry longer, and southern regions are tropical year-round. Still, February to April offers comfortable weather nationwide.

During spring, heat and humidity remain mild across Vietnam with some rain. You can enjoy stunning landscapes everywhere without weather extremes. March-April see the least rain in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa and Hoi An.

For beach getaways, February-March brings nice weather in Nha Trang without summer’s extreme humidity. Pack light jackets for the cool north. Save money in April, May or September – just before or after the midyear rainy season. 

Join the Tet festival in January-February or the Hum King festival in April

With blue beaches, misty hills, historic towns and lively festivals – Vietnam impresses year-round. Match your interests with Vietnam weather and events for great deals, minimal crowds, and sunny days.Don’t forget about the Vietnam tourism peak seasons while planning your Vietnam trip. 

How To Reach Vietnam: Your Vietnam travel guide

Vietnam tourism from India is improving. Direct flights from India to Vietnam are increasing. For example, IndiGo started new nonstop flights from Kolkata to Hanoi in October 2019. Still, most Vietnam travel from India relies on connecting flights.

Travelers take flights with layovers in Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Main Indian carriers like Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet offer flights to these hubs from major Indian cities.

Then, short 1-3 hour flights on Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines fly into Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City.

Total travel time is around 8-12 hours depending on chosen route and stops.

Vietnam Visa for indians

Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Documents Needed for Vietnam visa for Indians:

  • Valid passport 
  • Passport photos
  • Completed visa application form
  •  Bank statements for last 3 months
  • Proof of visa fees
  • Visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration
  • Additional documents if necessary

How to Apply:

You can apply either online or at the Vietnam Embassy. Both require:

  • Properly filled application form 
  • Necessary documentation
  • Payment of visa fees
  • Approval Process:
  • After applying, you will receive a visa-on-arrival approval letter.  

Entry to Vietnam: 

Present the approval letter at any Vietnam international airport to receive your 30-day tourist visa upon arrival.

Acquiring Vietnam Currency (VND)

  • Obtain sufficient VND before arriving in Vietnam for easy payment.
  • Use online forex services to convert INR to VND.
  • Exchange rates change often, so verify current values.  

Vietnam streamlines visa process for Indian tourists making Vietnam tourism easy and enjoyable.

Best things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam tourist places include stunning tropical beaches along the coastline and misty highland towns with colourful tribal villages. Discover opportunities to learn about intriguing Vietnam war history and enjoy amazing traditional Vietnamese music performances. With abundant things to do in Vietnam, everyone can enjoy memorable Vietnam holidays. So whether you book a Vietnam honeymoon package or a Vietnam tourist package for family and friends, you are bound to cherish every experience across this captivating country.

So here are some of the activities included in your Vietnam packages

Natural Wonders

A Vietnam trip allows you to explore surreal natural landscapes perfect for Vietnam honeymoon packages. Halong Bay's shimmering emerald waters studded with over 1600 limestone island peaks make for a spectacular sight.

Many Vietnam tours feature overnight cruise stays navigating this UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing you to uncover stunning caves and lagunas hidden amidst the karst towers.

Kayak through the crystal clear waters of Luon Cave and enjoy vibrant sunset parties on deck over cocktails and cake.Experience tropical beauty and calm during Vietnam travel to these natural wonders.

Adventure Seekers 

Our specialised Vietnam tour packages from India cater to all levels of adventure seekers. You can do river rafting, rock climbing, snorkelling to see coral reefs, or kayaking through peaceful waters. Halong Bay and Con Dao Islands are top spots for snorkelling and kayaking. Phong Nha Ke National Park offers an exciting river rafting experience.  

Cultural Immersion

Immerse in Vietnam traditions and culture by seeing a vibrant Water Puppet show, taking countryside bike tours to meet welcoming locals or learning to cook iconic dishes. Visit magnificent ruins like ancient My Son to uncover Vietnam's captivating history and architecture.BYO Vietnam tour packages feature the best things to do in Vietnam for an authentic cultural experience.

Local Flavours

End your days with a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Well-loved varieties include sweet egg coffee, salt coffee with condensed milk, coconut coffee, and yogurt coffee.

With stunning landscapes, adventurous activities, cultural sights and delicious flavours - Vietnam offers memorable experiences for all interests.

Best places to explore in Vietnam

Vietnam tourism is amazing with its incredible variety, including peaceful vietnam beaches, beautiful rice terraces, vietnam war history and lively cities. As you plan your Vietnam itinerary, here are top attractions of Vietnam tourist places and honeymoon spots promising memorable experiences.

1. Vibrant Capital Hanoi 

Wander tree-lined boulevards, shimmering lakes and fascinating Old Quarter lanes in Vietnam’s charming capital. Over 1000 years of history awaits at Imperial Citadel and Vietnam Military Museum. Enjoy tasty street food tours and traditional water puppet shows.

2. Spectacular Ha Long Bay 

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam captivates with over 1600 forested limestone peaks across emerald waters. Kayak through grottos in luxury cruise tours for jaw-dropping scenery. Overnight stays on lavish junk boats make it magical.

3. Misty Hill Town Sapa

The former French retreat of Sapa lures with vivid green rice terraces lining misty mountains. Trek through quaint stone hamlets to meet smiling H’mong community members in their colorful tribal outfits. Shop for lovely handicrafts at lively weekend street markets.

4. Historic Hoi An 

Preserved ancient port Hoi An charms with cobbled riverside temples,bright mustard and pink shopfronts and lantern-lit narrow lanes to get lost in. Savor mouthwatering dishes like cao lau noodles. Get bespoke suits stitched inexpensively. Bike through verdant rice fields and meet talented local artisans practicing age-old crafts.For enthusiasts of history, consider incorporating this Vietnam tour into your travel plans. It's a highly favoured addition to any Vietnam itinerary.

5. Exciting Ho Chi Minh City 

The buzzing metropolis reverberates with infectious high energy at chaotic markets and countless food stalls dishing up aromatic delicacies. Understand Vietnam’s poignant history at emotive sites like Cu Chi Tunnels and Vietnam War Remnants Museum. After, explore chic skybars, cafes and indie art galleries in District 1 and beyond.

Romantic Escapes: Best Places For Honeymoon In Vietnam

Vietnam offers charming towns with old-world romance, misty hill stations, and secluded island beaches perfect for honeymoons. Consider booking Vietnam honeymoon packages while booking your Vietnam tour packages from India. 

Here are some of the top romantic vietnam tourist places includes:

Enchanting Dalat Known as the honeymoon capital, Dalat charms with its flower farms, pine forests, lakes and French colonial villas. Take horse-carriage rides or cycle together past colorful heart installations at the Valley of Love. Enjoy the mild weather while hiking forest trails lined with thundering waterfalls. Later, relax over cheese and wines at cozy cafes and fine-dine at elegant restaurants.

Must-Visit Romantic Spots:

King Palace - Intricately-carved 1930s palace set amidst photogenic French quarters

Hang Nga Crazy House -whimsically designed artsy treehouse complex

Cremaillere Railway Station – Nostalgic bright yellow funicular railway station with flowering tunnels

Xuan Huong Lake – Picturesque central lake encircled by frangipani trees

Linh Quang Pagoda – Temple adorned with dragon tiles offering panoramic valley views

Truc Lam Pagoda and Cable Car – Peaceful hilltop pagoda reached via a cable car ride overlooking Tuyen Lam lake

Elephant Falls – Three-tiered cascading waterfall ideal for picnics

Secluded Beach Escape Con Dao Islands

The remote Con Dao archipelago sets the mood with veil-like mists, forested inland parks, historic remains from vietnam wars  and vietnam beaches with limited crowds. Enjoy privacy while kayaking across crystalline waters or cycling through quaint fishing villages together. Take romantic walks at dusk on endless ribbons of golden sand watching the crimson sunset.

Ancient Town Of Hoi An Soak in the old-world charm of this riverside trading port town studded with temples, mustard houses and hanging lanterns. Schedule couple portraits against their vivid backdrops for lifelong memories. Attend a lantern-making workshop or take a sunset cruise on the river before an intimate candlelit seafood dinner.

Your Vietnam honeymoon packages typically include all these Vietnam tours. Feel free to explore and choose the best Vietnam package that fits your travel plans.

Indian Restaurants Offering Authentic Flavors in Vietnam

You will be surprised by the number of high-quality Indian restaurants in Vietnam found across major Vietnamese cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Da Nang.

These eateries are mostly owned and run by Indian expat chefs who source key spices, ingredients, and cooking utensils directly from their homeland. This enables them to retain the authentic taste reminiscent of local favorites served in Indian households.

Here are some of the most recommended Indian restaurants in Vietnam:

Your Vietnam tour packages will definitely include Indian restaurants, so you won't miss your home food.

1. Dalcheeni (Hanoi) - Regarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Hanoi, Dalcheeni woos diners with aromatic curries, crispy dosas served with flavorful sambar and coconut chutney, fragrant basmati rice, cooling sweet lassis in mango and rose flavors. The warm yellow lighting, handicraft furnishings and Indian music creates an inviting atmosphere.

2. Namaste Hanoi - Owned by an Indian businessman, this restaurant charms with the finest tandoori chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, paneer dishes like palak paneer and paneer tikka masala cooked in creamy tomato gravy, hot-off-the-griddle parathas to dip into spicy curries, and traditional nimbu pani soda sweetened with mint.

3. Shri Natraj Indian Cuisine (Ho Chi Minh City) - Shri Natraj is a family-owned fine dining restaurant specializing in authentic cuisine from South India, particularly aromatic Chettinad style chicken curry, Goan style tangy fish curry with coconut milk base, keema pav sliders stuffed with spicy lamb mince, and warming cups of masala chai tea. The bright blue and yellow interiors along with friendly service makes for a comfortable ambiance.

4. Tandoor (Ho Chi Minh City) - Reputable Indian restaurant serving familiar northern dishes like saag paneer, garlic naan bread roasted inside clay ovens or tandoors, puffy poori breads perfect for soaking up rich curries, cooling mango kulfi dessert and traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali (full meal) options available on request.

Must Try Food in Vietnam - Street food

1. Pho - This Vietnamese noodle soup makes the perfect breakfast, sold at street food stalls across the country. The smooth, flat rice noodles and deeply flavored bone broth creates a soothing yet complex flavor. Customize your pho by adding fresh herbs, chili sauce, bean sprouts, lime wedges.Any trip to Vietnam would be deemed lacking without savoring the nation's renowned culinary masterpiece, Pho.

2. Banh Mi - These crusty yet airy Vietnamese baguette sandwiches are stuffed with a medley of fillings like grilled pork, chicken or beef, sweet pork pâté, pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro, chili slices, and a slathering of mayonnaise. Every bite is an explosive mix of textures and flavors. Don't miss out on the delicious Banh Mi during your vietnam travel.

3. Nem Ran (Spring Rolls) - Crispy deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls are quintessential street food snacks. They are filled with minced pork, bouncy shrimp, glass noodles, shredded cabbage, carrots, wood ear mushrooms. Dip in nuoc cham fish sauce or sweet chili sauce for irresistible flavor. 

1Other Classics:

  • Sugarcane Shrimp - Large juicy shrimp coated in a ginger-garlic batter and fried, then skewered onto fresh sugarcane sticks. Sweet, salty, gingery flavors.
  • Com Tam (Broken Rice) - Fluffy broken rice grains topped with sweet-savory caramelized pork chops, fried egg, cucumber pickles, herbs.
  • Banh Xeo - A giant Vietnamese savory crepe filled with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, slivered onions, served with fresh herbs, nuoc cham and mustard leaf lettuce wraps. Hot and crispy off the griddle.
  • Avocado Smoothies - Blend creamy avocados, sweetened condensed milk, and iced milk for the ultimate refreshing treat. Rich yet light and satisfying.

All these famous Vietnamese dishes are a must try food in Vietnam.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam

Q. Which are the best shopping destinations in Vietnam?

A. Some top shopping places are Ben Thanh Market, Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoi An Ancient Town, and local handicraft villages.

Q. What kind of weather should I expect during my Vietnam vacation?

A. Vietnam mostly stays hot and humid year-round. The north sees cooler winter temperatures while the south experiences a tropical climate.