Wonderla Bangalore- Tickets, Location, Rides, Timings, and more

By Amandeep May 19 2024

Wonderla Bengaluru is the future of exhilarating Amusement Parks in India. These intriguing parks are perfect vacation destinations for anyone seeking adventure, amusement and fun. If you want to infuse a new weave of energy in your already dull life with no excitement, then this Bengaluru based amusement park is a great getaway. 

With more than 60 exciting thrill rides the park is a paradise for every adventure enthusiast. Spread across 82 acres of land the sprawling amusement park elegantly flaunts its land rides like Pirate ship, Techno Jump, Dungeon Ride, etc. The waterpark of Wonderla Bengaluru is the talk of the town for its fun filled collection of water slides like watery coasters, fun pools and how can we forget about the rain disco. Other mind-boggling features include the virtual reality games, high tech 3D laser shows and last but not the least the magical musical fountain. 

You can also enjoy delectable food while chilling out with family and friends at some of the best cafes and restaurants opened up inside the premises of the coolest park in the town.

Wonderla Bangalore tickets

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Wonderla Bengaluru- One Stop Destination For Fun And Frolic

This amazing amusement park is at a drive of 30 km from Bangalore, the distance you can easily cover in an hour. A day spent well at Wonderla is going to add the spark that is missing in your monotonous life. Whether you are an adult or visiting the park with your kids, there are so many fun things for you  to try at this magical place. 

From free falls to exhilarating roller coasters you can indulge in any of these thrilling rides to kick off  adrenaline rush. Its aquapark has got some of the coolest water rides and slides in the town to give you that much needed break from the hot summer days. To entertain kids there are interesting rides like jumping frog, kiddies, etc to name a few.

Fasten Up Your Seat Belts For The Ultimate Fun Rides At Wonderla Bangalore

rides at Wonderla BangaloreFlash Tower Ride In Wonderla Bangalore

You will be astonished at the awesome collection of more than 60 rides at  this Bengaluru based park. Let’s begin our journey with the 6 high thrill rides mentioned below.

1) Flash Tower-  For the adventurous souls a thrill packed ride of the more than 40 meters tall drop tower is an exhilarating experience. This shoot-up and drop-down tower gives the riders the ultimate  leg-dangling sensation and a treat for the eyes of the spectators. The gondola shoots up to the top of the tower only to drop down at a sudden deceleration. This sensational ride keeps the heart of the riders pumping up with excitement of being on the edge. 

2) Equinox-  People who are always after something which can accelerate their adrenaline rush to the next level must have a ride on Equinox, a high thrill ride resembling a pendulum provides  thrilling combination of swinging as well rotating motions when  swings back and forth at a speed of 70 kmph from16 meters above the ground. While at the same time revolving around its axis. Every time riding this giant swing leaves the riders craving for more heart racing swinging experience.

3) Recoil- Being the first reverse-looping roller coaster in India, the Recoil ride at Wonderla Bengaluru promises an adrenaline fueled ride experience to its riders. Its innovative reverse looping design with high rapid acceleration to 80 kmph promises you a heart pounding ride. Whether you are a seasoned adventure seeker or want to try something thrilling for the first time, a ride of the adventurous recoil is surely going to give you goosebumps.

4) Insanity-  As the name suggests, this ride is going to drive you completely insane with its speed. With four arms and four fingers on each of its arms this squit look-alike robot ride is going to leave you awestruck with its innovative engineering and imaginative beauty,  this gigantic ride comes with capsules  to ensure that the safety of the riders is maintained throughout its  high speed rotation  and twisting movements. This exhilarating ride would definitely boost up your adrenaline rush. 

5) Techno Jump- For that ultimate bumpy ride experience, head straight towards the techno jump. The pivot of this thrilling ride has 14 spokes. At the outer end of each spoke there is a sturdy capsule for riders to sit and enjoy as the spokes are lifted up and lowered down hydraulically, fasten up your seat belts to set out on an unforgettable adventurous ride loaded with twists, turns and sudden changes in elevation leaving a lasting impression on your mind 

6) Hurricane- True to its name this dynamic and creative high thrill ride is surely going to give you some heart pounding moments. This exciting ride is nothing but an engineering wonder bearing a close resemblance to a roller coaster. Standing at a towering height of 20 metres, this fan-like ride with its huge three blades creates a whirlwind letting you experience breathtaking  swirls and spins. For the safety of the riders there are highly guarded protective pods that resemble a fan’s blade, each of these 3 capsules is capable of carrying eight persons and rotate on its own axis in  synchronization with the fan. These twists and turns are going to keep you on the edge throughout the ride.

Gear Up For Wonderla Bangalore's Best Land Rides

land rides in wonderala BengaluruWonder splash in Wonderla Bengaluru

Wonderla Bengaluru boasts of being the best amusement park in the town. The land rides at this amazing park are the classic examples of technology marveled with innovative creativity. The unconventional rides promise you memories that are going to stay with you forever. This park has something to suit the taste and preference of all the visitors irrespective of their ages and preferences. 

From mesmeric themed rides that will transport you to a dreamland to exhilarating rides that will double up your heart pace with thrill and excitement, there is no dearth of excitement. This theme park has some of the awesome fun rides and activities  for families to enjoy together. Your adventure loving heart must be leaping up after imaging a day out at this amazing park. So why wait so long just contact us and book these thrill packed rides to add  some spark in your dull day to day life. 

1) Pirate Ship: This exhilarating swing looks like a huge wooden boat that swings to a 180 degree arc once it gains momentum. Your inner adrenaline junkie is definitely going to love this adrenaline pumped ride. This ride is not for faint hearted riders.

2) Sky Wheel: A ride of this mammoth giant wheel is a hair-raising experience. The iconic wheel with a circumference of 30 metres perched atop the 13 -storey tower  is the most alluring feature that has magnetic power to attract many thrill seeking riders everyday. This gigantic wheel has become the iconic landmark of Wonderla Bengaluru that can be easily seen for miles. As it rotates slowly, scenic vistas of the amusement park and its surrounding areas greets you, taking your excitement to the next level .

3) Wonder Splash: This fun ride is loved by both Kids and Adults alike. Riders can feel the butterflies in their stomach as the conveyor belt gradually move the log -shaped raft up hill and suddenly plunges down the sharp incline straight into the pool, this sudden and quick drop creates the thrilling splashdown that adds the dose of refreshment and excitement, the interesting combination of the gentle climb, the compelling underpass and the enthralling splashdown into the pool makes it a great hit with the riders of all age groups. 

4) Musical Fountain and Laser Show: The most appealing thing about Wonderla is its indoor musical fountain. This is the only indoor fountain in the nation. Visiting this fountain will definitely  leave you amazed. It's a feast for the eyes to catch the glimpse of water dancing gracefully to the tunes of melodic music amid the vibrant colours. End your day with the high-tech laser show. The captivating combination of the indoor musical fountain, cutting-edge laser show and lighting makes it an extravaganza affair for the spectaculars of all age groups.

5) Cine Magic: Cine Magic is the perfect place to hangout with your family for that ultimate virtual reality movie experience. High-definition visuals, surround sound, high power blowers and hydraulically supported seats movements give the audience a feeling as if they are part of the ongoing action. 

6) Rockin’Tug: This ride seems great for a fun trip with family. The interesting ride can carry 24 persons at the same time. Rockin’ Tug is a unique amalgamation of engineering and creativity. This rollercoaster is state -of-the-art , entertaining its riders with its high tech rocking and swirling motions and keeping their hearts pumping with excitement throughout the entire ride.

Water Rides In Wonderla Bangalore

Water Rides In Wonderla BangaloreRain Disco In Wonderla Bangalore

Water Rides at any amusement park have always remained  the centre of attraction for kids and adults alike. For unforgettable splash adventures visit the water park at Wonderla Bangalore. The exciting aquatic attractions are awaiting you at this Bengaluru based theme park. From twisting slides to interesting boomerang-shaped slides there is something for every water baby. To leap up your inner adrenaline rush to new heights, slide through the long vertical falls or enjoy some fun moments with your friends on the bumpy water slides. If you are in a relaxing mood just enjoy a lazy ride at the lazy river. Rain Disco is another much loved place at the park. 

Let’s wander through some of the mind blowing water rides of Wonderla

1) Lazy River: If you want to escape the humdrum of daily life, just book  a lazy river ride with BYO. Rejuvenate your mind and body while having a delightful ride at the Lazy river. This water journey will pass you through ferocious lion’s jaws, navigate past a big fallen tree, for some heart racing moments you will encounter a wild alligator with its mouth wide open. Next you will be floating past a gargoyle skull that is constantly pouring out water from its mouth. This journey is a mix of both excitement and adventure.

2) Harakiri: Harakiri is the perfect ride to heal and rejuvenate your soul. It’s simply amazing to enjoy a jumpy ride on this exhilarating water slide. The dynamic thing about this ride is its extraordinary synthesis of speed, weightlessness and that sensational unexpected lift. All these elements make it the  most delightful ride that promises to leave a lasting impression on your mind.  

3) Twisters: For that ultimate wet thrill, twisters are the best rides to try on. The loops incorporated in the design of this water slide are the ones that make it an awesome ride for thrill-seekers. Once you experience this twisty slide you are going to cherish this for your whole life with warm smile on your lips

4) Rain Disco: This is  the happening place at Wonderla Bangalore. As the name suggests you can dance your heart out with refreshing rain being your constant companion. With fiery combination of 10,000 watts of high-fidelity sound, freaky laser lights and the latest groovy music you are definitely going to  love the ambience of the place. For the best multi-sensory experience visit the disco once you are in Bengaluru.

5) Wavy and Vertical Fall: Absolutely! This sounds like an adrenaline-loaded adventure to slide down from a height of a six-story building  at a great pace with no loops or twists to slow down your speed and splash straight into the shimmering water. One thing is for sure this exhilarating ride is only for the brave of heart. 

6) Boomerang: Boomerang is ideal for all thrill freaks. Throughout the slide the riders are kept on the edge anticipating what ‘s next as they glide into the closed tunnel, then all of a sudden they descent down from a height onto a huge Boomerang -shaped water slide. The unprecedented design of the slide let the rider experience  stimulating swinging back and forth amid water waves splashing  in the air. These thrilling oscillations keep the  interest and enthusiasm of the riders arousal during the entire journey. 

Kids Fun Rides In Wonderla Bangalore

Kids Rides In Wonderla BangaloreJumping Frog Ride In Wonderla Bangalore

There is no other place better than theme parks to enjoy a fun-filled day with your kids. Amusement parks are the exotic destinations where your children can enjoy a wide range of activities  from  fascinating aquatic attractions, refreshing water slides to exhilarating roller coasters. The thought of spending the day at these fantastic destinations not only brings a beautiful smile to a child’s face but also lights up adults' eyes with happiness. Wonderla Holidays’ Bengaluru based amusement park is the perfect place to visit if you want a day out with your family. 

Some of the attractive kid rides the park offers to entertain the little audience are shortlisted below

1. Merry Ghost- This fanciful  ride attracts the young children visiting the amusement park. Parents can relax as their little munchkins are safe on this ride. Merry ghost swings gently up and down giving them the taste of adventure and excitement.

2. Mini Venice- Mini Venice is a  whimsically beautiful addition to Wonderla’s theme park providing a joyful experience of Gondola ride to the young audience  through the beautiful canals of Venice. At a time this fun ride can accommodate 24 children.

3. Funky Monkey- Funky Monkey is the mini version of the famous ride ”Drop Zone”. Crafted to entertain the young thrill-seekers between the age group of 6 and  12 years. This mini drop zone lets the young ones enjoy a free fall from a height of five meters

4. Jumping Frog- The Charming ride of Jumping Frog at Bangalore’s Wonderla amusement park  leaps up the little ones with joy. This cute merry-go-round transports the kids to an imaginative world of bliss. This ultimate happiness stays  with them forever in the form of cherishable memories.

5. Mini Express- Your Kids will definitely love the ride of Mini Express. The vibrant colors and exuberant design of this small version of train excites the young children to hop on the train. The adorable train merrily revolves around the circuit. 

6. Mini Coco Cup- These cute cups and saucers designed rides revolve softly on their axis providing a 360 degree view of the nearby surroundings of Wonderla Bangalore. The exciting merry-go-round takes the young riders to a dream world where they can experience joyful moments. The young visitors leave the ride with lots of indelible memories. 

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Prices, Entrance Fees, Timings and Bookings, Deals & Discounts 2024- BYO

Wonderla Bangalore Tickets

Wonderla BangalorePeek DaysSuper Peek DaysPrice Validity
AdultRs. 1516.1/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 1600.84/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024
ChildRs. 1212.72/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 1280.5/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024
College StudentRs. 1214.88/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 1280.68/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024
Senior CitizenRs. 1137.08/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 1200.64/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024
Adult FasttrackRs. 3032.2/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 3201.7/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024
Child FasttrackRs. 2425.42/- (Excl. Taxes)Rs. 2561.02/- (Excl. Taxes)Till 31st May, 2024

Wonderla Bangalore TIMINGs:

Wonderla BangaloreWeekday Timings (Monday-Friday)Weekend Timings (Saturday-Sunday/Holidays)
Park Timings:11:00 AM To 06:00 PM11:00 AM To 07:00 PM
Water Park Timings:12:00 PM To 06:00 PM12:00 PM To 06:00 PM

Factors that make any amusement park ticket booking platform a great hit with the users are its  easy and flexible booking options, user-friendly interfaces. Attractive deals and discounts attract the users. The interactive amusement park ticket booking platforms keep running promotional offers, vouchers as well as cashbacks. 

You are just a click away from the versatile ticket booking  platform that gives you an awesome ticket booking experience. So next time for advance ticket booking or ticket reservation visit BYO.

Book A Ticket For Fun Ride At Wonderla Bangalore

Follow our easy step -by–step procedures for a hassle free online ticket booking to one of the coolest amusement park in India

  1. Jump to Wonderla Bangalore Online Ticket Booking Page
  2. Choose Date of Visit from Calendar: Visit our booking website and pick up the date for your trip from the calendar provided as per your conveyance and preferences
  3. Choose Tickets  according to height: select the suitable ticket types in accordance with height categories and then click continue to move to next step
  4. Pick up required ADDONs: Add on the services or additional features that you want to add on with your tickets.Then,click continue to proceed
  5. Fill up your personal information: Get  your personal details filled  and click Checkout to proceed to the Order Summary Page
  6. Claim your Coupon Code: If you have won a coupon code for discounts then filled it in the Order Summary Page and claim it for exciting discounts 
  7. Get booking confirmation email & SMS along with the transaction  ID: Once you are done with your booking procedure,you will  be soon informed about your ticket booking confirmation through email and SMS along with your transaction ID.
  8. Arrive at the online redemption counter to present the transaction ID : Head straight to the online redemption counter and provide the staff with your transaction ID for the entry. 

Note: Once you  have made the payment please don’t refresh the page, let it load itself to the Thank You page

This guide will navigate you through the online booking process for a smooth and seamless  user -friendly experience from ticket booking to redemption. For  queries of any kind or you need assistance at any step of ticket booking, feel free to  get in touch with us. Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a regular visitor don’t worry we are there to help you.

Location of Wonderla Bangalore : 28th km, Mysore Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

Online booking contact number for Wonderla Bengaluru : Call on 9878730549 for the unbeatable offers and  prices on Wonderla Bangalore booking on BYO.

Means Of Transport To Reach Wonderla Bangalore

  1. By Bus:  You can easily get the bus from the city center to Wonderla Bangalore. The bus will drop you at the entrance of the popular family  amusement park.  

  1. BY Car:  Located on the Mysore road at a distance of 28 km from the city center the amazing Wonderla amusement park has got spacious parking area where you can park your car without any inconvenience

  2. BY Train:  Wonderla Bangalore is near to the Bidadi Railway station from where you can reach the station by cab or bus.

  3. BY Metro: A cab or bus from the Kengeri metro station can easily drop you at the entrance of the Wonderla Bangalore as this metro station is near the park.

Amenities To Avail At Wonderla Bangalore

Changing Rooms
First Aid

Wonderla Bangalore Park Vs GRS Fantasy Park Vs Wonderla Hyderabad Park Vs Wonderla Kochi Park

Parks:Wonderla BangaloreGRS Fantasy MysoreWonderla HyderabadWonderla Kochi
Prices:Starting @ Rs. 1244.92/-Starting @ Rs. 949/-Starting @ Rs. 1202.54/-Starting @ Rs. 1202.54/-
Location:Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.Mysore, Karnataka, India.Hyderabad, Telangana, India.Kochi, Kerala, India.
Park Timings:11:00 AM (Opening Time) To 06:00 PM (Closing Time)10:30 AM (Opening Time) To 06:00 PM (Closing Time)11:00 AM (Opening Time) To 06:00 PM (Closing Time)11:00 AM (Opening Time) To 06:00 PM (Closing Time)
No. of Rides:55+ Rides35+ Rides50+ Rides50+ Rides
Park Age:18 years (since 2005)11 years (since 2013)07 years (since April 2016)23 years (since 2000)
Spread Across:80 Acres40 Acres50 Acres30 Acres
Known For:Largest amusement and water theme park.Recognized as one of the major green spots.Weekdays, Family Outing, Rides and 72 water slides.Rides, Family Outing, Tourist Place.
Park Visitor Capacity:8,000 per day8,000 per day8,000 per day8,000 per day

Activities to be enjoyed around Wonderla Bangalore:

Pyramid Valley International: Pyramid Valley International  is a fascinating place to explore your inner spirituality and calm down your inner mind and soul with soulful meditation. The place is an awesome getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.   

Bannerghatta National Park:  This popular wildlife sanctuary is located near Wonderla Bengaluru just at a drive of 15 kms. The park has a wide range of fauna including tigers, lions, leopards and elephants. Do visit the park to see the animals surviving in their natural environment. 

Janapada Loka Bangalore: If you are interested in  Kannada’s culture and traditions then a tour of Janapada Loka Museum is highly recommended. The museum has an impressive collection of artifacts from different parts of Karnataka.

Glorious History of Wonderla Bangalore 

Wonderla Holidays is a big name in the industry of amusement parks in India. The successful venture of the company began in 2000 when the founder Kochouseph Chittilappilly started their maiden water theme park in Kochi, Karnataka with the initial investment of 75 crores. From here there was no looking back for the company. 

Kochouseph Chittilappilly with his son Arun Chittilappilly went on to build the iconic Wonderla Bengaluru covering a sprawling area of 82 acres with the investment of 102 crores. This amusement park turns out into a huge success. After this the father-son duo also constructed Wonderla Hyderabad for the entertainment of the people. Wonderla Holidays is shortly going to open their next big project in Bhubaneswar in June,2024.

Rules & Regulations to be followed at Bangalore Amusement Park Wonderla

1. Tickets sold at once are non-refundable and non-transferable

2. Only one visitor is allowed entry on each ticket, the ticket is valid only for a specific time and date.

3. Outside Food and alcoholic drinks are strictly banned inside the amusement park’s premises. The park does not allow intoxicated persons.

4. Personal belongings like bags, luggage, parcels are subject to security checks at the entry gate and security staff can check these personal items at any location on the account of security reasons.

5. Adventurous rides should be avoided by Pregnant Women, High blood pressure patients, heart patients and epileptic patients 

6. Certain dresses like sarees, churidars/salwars, burka, formal pants, school uniforms, indecent dresses are considered inappropriate  for the water park and high thrill rides.  

7. For safety of the riders dress items like scarves or shawls are not allowed while riding the rides of any kind

8. Fabrics made of Polyester or Nylon(t-shirts, three-fourths, swimsuits or shorts) should beware while enjoying the rides

9. Appropriate clothes/dress code  must be worn while on a visit to the park

10. Maintain proper discipline while waiting for your turn in the ride queue area. It’s a big no for group members to join their co- members who are already waiting in the queue 

11. To Maintain a safe and respectful environment inside Wonderla Bangalore park premises, the visitors must abide by the rules. Behave with courtesy with fellow guests and the park staff. Avoid using foul language or getting involved in unsafe and offensive behavior

12. Follow safety instructions of the lifeguards, ride operators to avoid any mishap or accident. Read the instructions carefully  displayed near the ride for a safe and sound ride 

13. If any injury or accident occurs as a result of carelessness of the guests the management will not be responsible .

14. The pools at the water parks are not deep, so avoid diving activity in the pool.

15. Parents are advised not to leave their children unattended at any point of time. Children should be  accompanied by the adults all the time

16. It must be kept in mind some rides have certain height and weight limitations for safety reasons. So riders under the stipulated height and guests above a certain weight are not permitted to such restricted rides.

17. Guests can be asked to leave the park earlier than its scheduled closing timings due to unforeseen circumstances like weather emergencies, safety issues and due to operational issues 

18. The management has the authority to cancel the ticket and remove any guest from the amusement park on the misconduct or violation  of rules and regulations

19. The rides can be stopped anytime by the management  on the account of safety and  technical faults without any prior notice

20. The entry of pets are strictly banned at Wonderla Bangalore

21. Smoking is allowed only at certain specified places in the park. No smoking in the common areas of the park


1.You can cancel your entry ticket only  up to 48 hours before the intended date of visit. And are eligible to get  refund money back after 25% cancellation charges  on the  total ticket price paid.

2. You are not eligible for any refunds if the cancellations are made within 48 hours before the intended visit date

3. There is no provision of any kind of partial cancellations or modifications

4.You stand no chance of any kind of refund for cancellation or alteration of vehicle bookings.

No-Show Policy

1.Park tickets stand invalid for any other date than the specified date already mentioned on the ticket 

2. There is a policy of no refunds on unused tickets.


1. You are not eligible for any chargebacks on unused tickets

Book Your Own Cancellation Charges:  BYO will charge a 2.5%  additional charges on handling and payment gateway costs.

FAQ's About Wonderla Bengaluru

Q1.What are the different payment options used?

A: The various payment options we accept are credit cards, debit cards, UPI, as well popular payment methods like Google Pay and Phone Pay, etc

Q2. Are all rides at Wonderla Bangalore safe?

A:  It’s a big yes, all the rides are definitely safe for you and your family to enjoy

Q3. Can we easily park our cars at Wonderla Bangalore?

A: The guests can easily get parking space at the park for their cars 

Q4.What is the main attraction at this amusement park?

A: The star ride at Wonderla Bangalore is Reverse -Looping Roller Coaster it’s the first-ever of its kind  in India

Q5. Where is Wonderla Bangalore located in the city?

A: The current location of Wonderla Bangalore is 28 kms from the city center, Mysore Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109    

Q6. What are the best rides to enjoy at Wonderla Bangalore?

A: The best rides you can enjoy are Insanity Roller  Coaster, Flash Tower, Recoil, etc.

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