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Best Hotels In Kolhapur

Situated on the banks of the Panchganga River, 387 km away from the financial capital of India, Kolhapur is a city worth visiting at least once in your lifetime! The city is a perfect blend of historical Indian tradition and modern advancements. 

It is renowned for its magnificent temples, forts, the Sahyadri mountain ranges, and more. While talking about Kolhapur, a must mention are the very popular, handcrafted Kolhapuri chappals and beautiful local jewelry famous by the name of Kolhapuri Saaj. It is a place ideal for any type of holidaymaker with a variety of interests. There are plenty of budget hotels in Kolhapur for you to spend your nights comfortably while you enjoy your days exploring the natural and cultural beauty of the city! 

Affordable And Decent Hotels In Kolhapur

The fact that many of us cannot afford extravagant accommodations on vacations should not limit our enjoyment in any way. The numerous 2 and 3-star hotels in Kolhapur assure the tourists of a comfortable and healthy stay well within their budgets. These hotels provide all the necessary amenities which will deliver to you the comfort of your home. These budget-friendly hotels are available in all the hotspot areas of the city, such as the railway station, Bindu chowk, etc. Pick any location and enjoy your time and stay in the city! 

Hotels In Kolhapur; That Are Ideal For Business Trips And Outings

Kolhapur is a core for a lot of enterprises and entrepreneurship in Maharashtra. The city has witnessed a spectrum of small businesses start and prosper. Today it is home to a diverse mixture of industries, ranging from retail establishments, travel services, to the film industry and a prospering agricultural sector. 

All these areas combined make Kolhapur a common travel destination for business travelers. There are numerous business hotels in Kolhapur to provide the tourists with comfortable, business-orientated facilities. These hotels offer a number of amenities, from the likes of free wifi to conference rooms, and more that will make your business trip worthwhile.

Hotels In Kolhapur With A Romantic Ambiance

Kolhapur is quite famous for its cultural heritage, natural resources, and temples. There are numerous tourist attractions that witness the influx of many couples as well. So, finding some good couple-friendly hotels in Kolhapur shouldn't be a problem, if you are married. As for the unmarried ones, there are a few hotels for unmarried couples in Kolhapur that provide excellent accommodation. All you need to make sure is, that you are 18+ and have a valid photo ID proof during check-in. Enjoy the little vacation with your partner in the natural beauty of Kolhapur. 

The Price Range Of The Best Hotels In Kolhapur

Kolhapur is a small city with hotels that relatively cost less in comparison to metropolitan cities. Book your own offers the cheapest price range of hotels in Kolhapur, which hardly ever goes beyond Rs.1999 for a night. These hotels provide generous amenities at even such low prices. You can even avail numerous discounts and deals and save some extra bucks on online booking. However, this price range is subject to variation depending on the season, the hotel location, the demand, and the choice of accommodation. So, book any hotel that you can afford and relish in the charm of this city. 

Hotels Near Easily Accessible Shopping Places In Kolhapur

Tourists traveling to Kolhapur that wish to shop and take some memento of their trip can go on a shopping spree to the numerous street bazaars. These authentic street markets, such as the Shivaji road, Bahusinghji road, etc have beautiful native handicrafts, jewelry, footwear, clothes, and more. The city also has a few malls, such as the reliance mall, to shop, eat and entertain yourself, all under one roof. You can book any of the Kolhapur hotels near these hotspot locations and enjoy easy accessibility as well as road connectivity and enjoy the colorful markets even more.

Tour Worthy Places Near Hotels In Kolhapur

Although, Kolhapur is not a metro city but offers a wide range of shopping places to shop, starting from shopping malls to local street markets. Kolhapur is definitely a great place for shopaholics and allows tourists to purchase a huge amount of local accessories from local bazaars. All these shopping places are situated near prime locations like Railway station Area, Tarabai Park, etc.

Transportation Hubs Near Famous Hotels In Kolhapur

The city Kolhapur is situated in such a place where transport facility is super convenient. The Kolhapur Airport is just 9 km away from the main city. Endless domestic flights operate from the airport and make it easy to travel anywhere within the country. The city is also connected to nearby cities like Mumbai, Pune via road and rail. Most of the hotels are situated near to the airport and national highway, making it much more convenient for the tourist to travel to nearby cities or tourist attractions.

Quarantine Facilities At Hotels In Kolhapur

Book Your Own ensures to provide a list of the best hotels in Kolhapur that offers quarantine facilities to all the guests. These hotels follow WHO and MoHFW protocol and maintain a 100% safe and hygienic environment. Here is the list of measures taken by the hotels: 

  • Thermal screening for all guests and staff members. 

  • All baggage and luggage are properly disinfected. 

  • Contactless payment and check-in/check-out options are available. 

  • Guests can opt for in-room dining service. 

  • Sanitizers, gloves, and masks are provided to all guests. 

  • All staff members wear clinical masks and gloves during their working hours. 

  • Utilizes hospital-grade solutions for better cleaning. 

  • To maintain social distancing, floors are marked. 

  • Bed linen and utensils are cleaned at 70°c. 

  • Sanitization is frequently done at all high touchpoints.


Q. What is Kolhapur mostly famous for?
Ans - Kolhapur is one of the peaceful cities, situated near the banks of Panchganga. There are plenty of historic forts, temples, and royal palaces in Kolhapur with incredible sculptures and craftworks. 

Q. Do hotels accept various card payments?
Ans - Absolutely, yes. Mostly, all hotels in Kolhapur accept card payment as well as online payment. To ensure the safety of everyone contactless payment options are also available.

Q. What is the popular cuisine of Kolhapur?
Ans - Kolhapur is known for its delicious spicy foods like Kolhapuri Misal Pav. These dishes are extremely famous across the whole city, and will surely satisfy your taste buds. 

Q. Are there any nearby places to visit in Kolhapur?
Ans - Kolhapur is popularly known for impressive forts and temples. Panchala fort, Shri Chatrapati Shahu Museum, etc are some of the must-visit places in Kolhapur. 

Q. Can we book a hotel directly from the Mobile app?
Ans - Absolutely, yes. Download the Book Your Own app and book your hotel at your convenience.

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