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Best Hotels in Mcleodganj

Housed in the mystic hills of Himachal Pradesh, in the suburbs of Dharamshala town, Mcleodganj is one of the booming tourist attractions in recent times. Famous for temples, monasteries, museums, lakes, waterfalls, and natural landscapes, Mcleodganj is renowned as a spiritual getaway, especially among Buddhist pilgrims. A beautiful combination of tranquility, adventure, and spirituality, thousands of tourists flock here each year for pilgrimage journeys, adventure trips, sightseeing, volunteer programs, excursions, etc. And to accommodate them, mcleodganj hotels offer a wide array of stay facilities to ensure the best travel experience. Budget hotels, homestays, luxurious, expensive resorts- the town has something for every traveler.

So, if you are planning a trip to Mcleodganj, check out our above list of mcleodganj hotels. Plan your trip with BookYourOwn to receive exciting deals and discounts on hotels in mcleodganj!

Budget-friendly, two- and three-star Mcleodganj Hotels:

It makes sense to be a little cost mindful when you travel. It is acceptable that not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on accommodations. We have plenty of two- and three-star hotels in Mcleodganj that cater to such visitors and offer roomy, comfortable lodgings, complete with all the essential amenities to make your stay worthwhile. These budget hotels mcleodganj offer excellent amenities and first-rate hospitality services, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauties and popular tourist destinations nearby, making them ideal for families, couples, and solo travelers.

Suitable Accommodations In Mcleodganj For Business Trips:

Despite the fact that Mcleodganj is not primarily a business destination, many corporate guests attend business events here. For off-site meetings or business activities, Mcleodganj draws a considerable number of business travelers. You can find several accommodation options on Bookyourown if you are searching for accommodations with a pleasant ambiance and the best working environment. Here, you can go through our list of business hotels at mcleodganj and pick the one that meets your needs. Business hotels in Mcleodganj give you the best accommodations to spend your time in this charming town, including luxurious rooms with balconies, well-organized, roomy conference spaces, friendly staff, delectable food, and excellent service.

For a relaxing vacation, discover the top couple-friendly hotels in Mcleodganj.

The honeymoon is a lovely opportunity for newlyweds to spend some quality time alone, in their own little paradise, and to make memories that will last a lifetime. When we think of honeymoon locations in India, Himachal Pradesh automatically tops the list. Magnificent mountains, pine forests, waterfalls, good weather, and a tranquil atmosphere make it the ideal honeymoon destination, drawing a significant influx of couples from across the nation. Thus, you can find several couple-friendly hotels in mcleondganj with appealing amenities, where you can enjoy a dream-like vacation amidst the aesthetically pleasing landscape.

In addition to accommodations for honeymooners, Mcleodganj offers plenty of lodging choices for unmarried couples. All you need to do to check in is make sure you both have current photo IDs and are over 18 years of age.

Hotels In Mcleodganj For All Budget Ranges:

Mcleodganj sees tourists from different walks of life and parts of the world. Thus, we also witness a variation in the type of tourists that choose to visit Mcleodganj. While Some travelers wish to spend lavishly on hotels to enjoy a grand, luxurious stay in the hill town, few prefer budget-friendly accommodations for a simple and comfortable stay. 

As a result, we have provided you with a list of housing options and hotels that range from luxurious accommodations to more affordable lodgings to accommodate all of these tourists with different stay preferences. You can find the best deals on hotels in mcleodganj on Bookyourown, making it simple and convenient to arrange your stay. Most of our recommended options fit within Rs 1500 to 6000, although exact costs may vary based on discounts, special offers, the type of lodging selected, and other factors.

Best hotels in Mcleodganj for convenient lodging near tourist attractions:

With its breathtaking natural beauty and distinctive fusion of Tibetan, Himachali, and British culture, Mcleodganj, located in the mysterious highlands of Himachal, mesmerizes tourists. Tourists come here every year for a spiritual retreat or to experience adventure and thrill amid nature, thanks to the variety of renowned attractions like the Bhagsunag Waterfalls, Kangra Fort, Triund Hill, Dal Lake, and Namgyal Monastery. These tourist destinations each have their own mesmerizing appeal, which draws in a wide range of travelers.

What better way to soak up the spirit of this charming little hill town than to stay among these tourist attractions themselves? With some of the top hotels available, Bookyourown puts you close to popular tourist destinations like Bhagsu Road and DharamKot Road. Hotels in Bhagsunag are a fantastic location for cozy and luxurious accommodations for travelers in Mcleodganj.

Places To Go Shopping Near Hotels In Mcleodganj:

Along with all the exploring and traveling, you might also want to indulge in shopping to bring home a memorable piece of Mcleodganj. Because Mcleodganj is known for its culture, visitors adore buying distinctive Tibetan antiquities and handcrafted goods like carpets, jewelry, paintings, shawls, and Kangra tea. For those who wish to stay close to the prominent bustling market areas, hotels surrounding Central Square, Temple Road, and Jogibara Road are suitable. Depending on the amenities you choose, Mcleodganj hotels rates start from around Rs 600 and may go up to Rs 5000, thus ensuring there is something for every kind of traveler.

Convenient Transport Facility Near Hotels In Mcleodganj:

Although Mcleodganj lacks an airport or a train station, you can take shared taxis or regular buses to get there from the closest major airport, Delhi, or train station, Pathankot. Additionally, you can take a bus or a taxi from adjacent cities like Chandigarh and Amritsar to get there by road. From Delhi to Dharmashala, the largest town before Mcleodganj, frequent bus service is provided by the Himachal Tourism and Roadways. You can get to Mcleodganj from Dharamshala by taking a shared taxi or one of the regular local buses. There are excellent lodging alternatives close to Main Square if being close to the major transit hubs is your top priority. You can choose from an array of hotels in mcleodganj near bus stand on Bookyourown.

Quarantine Facilities At Hotels In Mcleodganj:

In an effort to prevent COVID-19, the majority of accommodations in mcleodganj hotels list provide quarantine facilities to all their guests. The quarantine restrictions have been standardized based on WHO and MoHFW covid-19 protocols. As a further precaution for the security of all guests, the quarantine regulations are as follows:

  • All guests and hotel staff must undergo mandatory thermal screening.

  • There are options for cashless payment and contactless check-in/check-out.

  • In-house guests can opt for in-room services.

  • All pieces of luggage and baggage are properly disinfected.

  • Utensils, serveware, and bedding are cleaned at 70 °C.

  • While on duty, all hotel employees need to wear masks and gloves.

  • To maintain adequate social distance, hotel floors are marked.

  • Mandatory use of hospital-grade solutions for proper cleaning.

  • To reduce the risk of contamination, guests are provided with sanitizers, gloves, and masks.

  • Sanitation is regularly performed at all significant touchpoints.


Q. What are the major attractions in Mcleodganj?
Ans - There are many tourist attractions in and around Mcleodganj that you must see when visiting Himachal. Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal Monastery, Dharamkot, Bhagsunath Temple, and Triund are a few of the most well-known locations.

Q. Which Time Of Year Is Best For A Trip To McLeodganj?
Ans - Mcleodganj is a charming hill town with excellent weather all year. You can schedule your journey per the season that best fits you. You can travel there from March to June if you enjoy sunny, cheerful weather. If you favor the cooler seasons, go during December and January when it is chilly and wonderful, with temperatures occasionally falling to -1 °C. Avoid the monsoons as much as possible because they might cause landslides and slick roadways.

Q. What types of activities are available in Mcleodganj?
Ans - Mcleodganj is renowned for its sightseeing and trekking trails. You can enjoy trekking at Triund and Indrahar Pass or experience camping at Kangra Valley. You also try rock climbing and boating at Dal Lake. If you want to explore the town, visit nearby temples and monasteries, enjoy local food and shopping, etc.

Q. What are the best foods to eat in Mcleodganj?
Ans - The local food in Mcleodganj exhibits a strong Tibetan and Himachali influence due to the town's significant Tibetan cultural influence. Some must-try local food of this area includes Thenthuk, Tibetan Noodles and bread, momos, bok choy soup, sushi, etc.

Q. Which Mcleodganj areas are ideal for booking hotels?
Ans - Travelers can book a hotel close to the town center square and Bhagsu Road for convenient access to adjacent districts, tourist attractions, and transportation hubs. If you choose to stay away from the main crowd of the town, you can find ample stay options at Dharamkot Road, where you can take advantage of all the essential amenities and a tranquil setting in the middle of nature. You can check out the above list of hotels in mcleodganj for further details.

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