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Best Hotels In Agra

Agra is one of the few cities in India that witnesses tourists from all around the world as well as from all around India owing to the Taj Mahal, one of the 7-wonders in the world. The amount and variety of tourists that this city witnesses has made it a hub for the hotel industry that offers the tourists a spectrum of stay options, ranging from luxury, heritage hotels for foreign and rich tourists to 2 or 3-star hotels for the middle-class lot. So, if you plan on spending your vacations in this wonderful city, book the best hotels from our list of luxury or budget hotels in Agra online via book your own and get the best deals on your booking. 

Best Budget-Friendly, 2 and 3 Star Hotels In Agra

We all are well aware of the fact that not all of us have the luxury of being rich enough to afford 5-star hotels. But that should not hamper the pleasure of going on a fun vacation, and make sure to book your 2 and 3-star hotels in Agra that provide you the desired convenience. These wallet-friendly hotels are available in almost all major hubs of the city. These hotels provide you with all the necessary conveniences ranging from buffet breakfast, AC rooms to a clean and hygienic environment that will make your stay comfortable and worth remembering. The best part about these is the amazingly low prices you pay!

Hotels In Agra Are Ideal For Business Trips

A city need not be a metropolitan in order to garner business-related travels. Even though Agra isn't a home to several multinational companies, there are still many medium and small businesses thriving in Agra, like any other Indian city, which makes business travels anything but a rarity. So, for our customers who have a business trip planned and plan to expand and enjoy their stay and explore the city's attractions some more, we've got a number of business hotels in Agra picked for you. Enjoy their business-friendly ambiance with free wifi, conference halls, and more, and make the most out of your work trip! 

Generous Hotels For Couples In Agra

Owing to the magnificent symbol of love that is the Taj Mahal, Agra witnesses an overwhelming number of tourist couples, both married as well as unmarried. Therefore there are plenty of couple-friendly hotels in Agra for married tourist couples, however, the unmarried ones may face some minor inconveniences for the same. Nonetheless, there are some respectable hotels that provide accommodation to unmarried couples as well, provided you are 18 plus and have a valid photo ID proof while checking in. Enjoy a comfortable and love-filled trip with your beloved.

Variety Of Price Ranges For Hotels In Agra

Taj Mahal is a wonder that attracts foreign and native tourists alike, which makes Agra a hotspot for travelers, especially during the peak season. Therefore, the accommodations in the Agra range from pricey heritage and luxury hotels to cheap hotels with prices stooping as low as Rs. 899 per night. So, if you are someone, who isn't that well off financially, you can still enjoy your visit by booking on, book your own app and choose one of the affordable hotels in Agra. The prices may vary depending on the inflow of travelers, but one thing that will remain constant is the exciting deals on booking online with our site or app! 

Hotels With High Hygiene And Safety Standards In Agra

You can leave the comforts of your home for traveling to a beautiful destination, but safety and hygiene are something that stays a necessity. There's no compromising with your hygiene standards, and to make sure you get the best accommodation, with the best environment in terms of hygiene, book your own has chosen the best hygienic and safe hotels in Agra for our customers. These hotels will provide you with the best amenities with contactless services, hygienic food, and everything that is essential for providing you with a healthy and comfortable stay! 

Tourist Spectacles To Admire Near Hotels In Agra

Taj Mahal is the biggest attraction for all tourists. Besides that, there are other tourist places like Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh, Jama Masjid, etc, where you can roam around and admire the old sculpture and artistic details of the monuments. If you're planning to stay in Agra for a week, then make sure to book hotels near the Taj Mahal. So that, it will be convenient for you to visit nearby places like Kinari Bazar, Taj Museum, etc.

Best Shopping Places Near Hotels In Agra

There is no fun if you're planning a trip to Agra and won't be able to shop for local accessories. Most of the hotels in Agra are situated in prime locations and are close to nearby major shopping places like Kinari Bazar, TDI Mall, etc. Also, you won't find it difficult to discover a hotel near shopping places in Agra. Make sure to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Enjoy Easy Connectivity With Hotels In Agra Near Transport Hubs

No doubt, Agra is one of the best locations to travel to, with good road and railway connectivity. The city is connected to various other Indian cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, and Bangalore by several means of transport. The buses are an even more convenient option, as there are two expressways and three national highways. Although the city doesn't provide a metro facility, you can easily travel within the city via rickshaws and cabs. 

Quarantine Facility At Hotels In Agra

Book Your Own ensures to provide a list of hotels that offers a quarantine facility to all the guests and follows government guidelines and WHO protocols. The list of measures taken by the hotels are as follows: 

  • Thermal screening for all the guests and staff members. 

  • Compulsory use of the hospital-grade solution to maintain the hygienic environment. 

  • Proper disinfection of luggage. 

  • All staff members wear clinical masks and gloves during their working hours. 

  • Guests can opt for in-room service. 

  • Contactless payments and check-in/check-out option.

  • Bed linens and utensils are properly washed at 70°c. 

  • Sanitizers, gloves, and masks are available for all the guests. 

  • Floors are marked in order to maintain social distancing. 

  • Sanitization is done at all high-touch points.


Q. How can we ensure that the hotels in Agra are safe and hygienic?
Ans - You can determine whether the hotel is safe or not by checking the hotel's rules and regulations. If the hotel follows Health Ministry of India guidelines and WHO protocols, then you can ensure that the hotel is a 100% safe place to stay.

Q. Are there any popular locations nearby hotels in Agra?
Ans - Yes, you can plan to visit the most famous monument Taj Mahal and the Tajganj area. There are several other places to hang out with your family and loved ones like Agra fort, Sadar Bazar, etc. 

Q. Are there any hotels in Agra for unmarried couples?
Ans - Yes, you can find a few hotels allowing unmarried couples, who are 18 years or above and hold valid ID proof. All you need to do is to search for couple-friendly hotels in the search bar option and choose the best hotel for yourself.

Q. Are there any shopping centers nearby hotels in Agra?
Ans - Absolutely, yes. There are tons of shopping centers nearby hotels in Agra like Kinari Bazaar, Shah market, etc, where you can find unique collections and exquisite items. 

Q. Can we book a hotel through a mobile app?
Ans - Definitely. Simply download Book Your Own app from the Google play store or App store and book your hotel at your convenience and budget. 

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