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Best Hotels In Mumbai

 The popularity of Mumbai is unmatched and stretches across a spectrum of sectors. Starting with being the financial capital of India, to the various tourist attractions and the much-cherished Bollywood industry, Mumbai has a little bit of everything to offer to anyone who comes here.

The NSE, BSE, RBI are few financial institutions of significance in Mumbai that draw in various business-related travelers. Also, Bollywood and all the other famous attractions, including the beaches, gateway of India, bring in tourists from all across India and the world. Filled with tourists all year round, Mumbai has developed an excellent hospitality system. There are numerous 5 star or 3-star hotels in Mumbai to accommodate guests from all walks of life. Enjoy your trip while keeping your budget in mind! 

Satisfactory 2 And 3-Star Budget Hotels In Mumbai

Mumbai has a lot to offer in terms of affordable hotels. The city's popularity and importance as the financial capital are few reasons why there are so many hotels in Mumbai, traversing all the major hotspots, and localities. So, if you are looking for budget accommodation that won't make your wallet empty, many 2 and 3-star hotels in Mumbai are available. 

With Book Your Own you can book any of these budget hotels in any of the famous localities at affordable prices. Not to forget you can even bag some exciting deals on online booking! 

Hotels For Business Travelers In Mumbai

Mumbai is home to some of the biggest names in the business regime, namely Reliance, TATA, Godrej, and more. The city, other than the housing headquarters of various MNCs, also provides endless opportunities for anyone wanting to start their businesses and startups. So, to cater to the needs of all the business travelers, Mumbai has excellent accommodation facilities in all vital locations. All the business hotels in Mumbai offer well-equipped rooms with business ambiance, free wifi, complimentary breakfasts, and every modern amenity that will make your business excursion to Mumbai hassle-free and convenient!   

Hotels For Couples On A Romantic Trip To Mumbai

Couples visiting this city of dreams is a regular occurrence thanks to its glorious reputation and Bollywood! Therefore, there's no shortage of couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai that are safe, hygienic, and provide a romantic ambiance. There are plenty of such affordable hotels in almost every famous locality to choose from. All you need to do is follow some basic terms and conditions. Married couples usually don't face any inconvenience. 

But, the unmarried ones need to be above the age limit of 18 years and must be carrying a valid government photo ID proof at the time of check-in to ensure a smooth entry. 

The Diverse Range Of Hotels In Mumbai

Mumbai sees a lot of tourists ranging from rich, business travelers and tourists to middle-class families and backpackers. To make sure everyone enjoys their trip, Mumbai has got every type of hotel ranging from top-notch luxury lodgings to low-cost, budget-friendly hotels.  So, if you're a bit tight on the budget, you can pick from the list of affordable hotels in Mumbai. The price ranges of these hotels can fall anywhere between Rs. 999 to Rs. 2499 for a night. The hotel prices may vary depending on the locality it is in, the type of room opted for, or the demand at the time. Booking online with Book Your Own can help you get extra discounts too! 

Sites Worth Visiting Near Hotels In Mumbai

Mumbai has a lot of locations that are a must-visit for anyone on their first visit to the city. Some of the famous locations that are near and easily accessible from the hotels include the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Hanging Gardens, and the Chowpatty beach. 

Other famous locations that must cut your must-visit list are the Elephanta caves, Kanheri caves, the Mahalakshmi racecourse, etc. And if you are someone religious, Shree Siddhivinayak temple, the Mahalakshmi temple, The haji Ali Dargah, or the Mount Mary Church are some places of interest that you must pay your visit to while in Mumbai. 

Shopping Options For Shopaholics Near Hotels In Mumbai

Visiting/Being in a metropolitan sure comes with a lot of benefits especially for the Shopaholics. The city has got every shopping option starting with local street markets, emporiums to high-end boutiques, and shopping malls. Some of the biggest malls in Mumbai include the Infiniti Mall, the Inorbit Mall, the Phoenix mall. 

And if you're a fan of street shopping, then there are many street markets near hotels in Mumbai like the linking Road, the fashion street, Crawford market, Colaba Causeway, etc. All these places are easily accessible from hotels in hot-spot locations.

Major Transport Hubs Near Hotels In Mumbai

Another benefit of being, the financial capital, state capital, and one of the 4-metropolitans is the extensive transport connectivity that the city of Mumbai enjoys via all the 3 mediums. The Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport connects the city to the outside world as well as the indigenous states of India. Also, the major railway and highways connect the city to several neighboring states. Mumbai also has its own local railway as well as a metro system for easy traveling across the city. Picking budget hotels in Mumbai near any of the major stations/ transport hubs will make traveling in and out of the city extremely convenient.


Q. Does every hotel in Mumbai provide a quarantine facility?
Ans - Mostly, all the reputed and luxurious hotels in Mumbai provide quarantine facilities and ensure 100% safety of guests. 

Q. Which are the top tourist spots in Mumbai?
Ans - Mumbai is one of the bustling cities with numerous tourist attractions such as Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Haji Ali Dargah, etc. All these places are situated near to the hotels making it much more convenient to roam around. 

Q. Is there any app for hotel booking?
Ans - Yes, simply search for Book Your Own app on the play store and app store and enjoy a hassle-free hotel booking process. 

Q. What are the things that one shouldn't forget to buy while visiting Mumbai?
Ans - There are ample of things to buy from Mumbai like leather goods, authentic perfumes, and jewelry, decor items, etc. You can find a wide range of products at an affordable price

Q. Which is the popular festival or event in Mumbai?
Ans - No doubt, Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the well-known festivals celebrated in Mumbai with so much devotion and zeal. Apart from that, Navratri is also celebrated with the same enthusiasm every year, and many other cultural events are even organized. 

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