Goa Itinerary for 3 days: Perfect chalk-out plan for an ideal Getaway

By Amandeep August 28 2023

Goa is one of the famous holiday destinations. Known for its pristine beaches, appetizing seafood, and vibrant nightlife. Not to miss the action-packed water activities, lively feasts, and festivities. This amazingly beautiful tourist spot on the western Indian coast has a coastline of 105 km adorned with 29 picturesque beaches.

Planning your next Getaway to Goa our 3 days Goa Itinerary is awesome. It covers all the places worth visiting, be it breathtaking beaches to try thrilling scuba diving, etc. to hot nightclubs in the town for partying throughout the nights You can also indulge in gambling at some of the best casinos jotted down in this itinerary. 

Let’s begin our 3-day trip to Goa  


Day 1 in North Goa

1) Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach/3 days Goa Itinerary

This beach is fondly called the “Queen of Beaches” for its appealing beauty and charm. The place is a perfect getaway from the hectic and dull city life letting the tourists have an Idyllic beach experience, Calangute Beach is a haven for nature lovers. Tourists get carried away with the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets while enjoying the scenic beauty of the beach decked up with the palm trees and the mighty Arabian Sea acting as the backdrop. You can buy junk jewelry, clothes, or pawn items from the market.

 Activities- Visitors can enjoy Parasailing, Jet Ski, or Banana ride when on the expedition to explore Goa in 3 days.    

Places to visit -Tio Tilly’s Bar and Kitchen, The Red Lion pub, Carvalho’s, Souza Lobo, Chelsea Beach Shack, etc, you can try their cuisine. For shopping visit the Saturday Bazaar, Tibetan Market, Aguada Fort, St.Alex church, and Our Lady of Piety.

Best Time to Visit

The most favorable time to visit the beach begins in October and ends in March. Monsoon season must be avoided because due to heavy rainfall water sports do not take place since the water level in the sea swells up.

Ways to reach the Calangute Beach

This tourist spot is located at a distance of 11 km from the Goa capital city. Visitors can avail of public or private bus services from the Panjim bus stand. If you are hiring a private taxi it might take 30 to 40 minutes to reach your destination.

Goa International Airport is 40 km away from the beach. If you take up bus to reach Calangute Beach it will be a drive of one and a half hours. However, the fastest way to reach the beach is by taking up a taxi cutting the trip short by 40 minutes.

2) Baga Beach

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is the most sought-after beach in Goa surrounded by Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga. Rightly called the “Hometown of Nightlife” for it houses many nightclubs. The most famous are Cafe’ Mambos and Club Titos. 

Thousands of tourists throng this beach every year to witness its alluring beauty adorned with pearl white sand. The bustling beach is famous for its vibrant market, designer shops, and sumptuous food. The beach attracts water sports lovers. Stunning holiday destination to be included on 3 days Goa Vacation.

Activities- Enjoy Paddleboarding, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Wakeboarding.

Places Nearby- Arpora Saturday night market, Chelsea Beach Shack, Jamie’s restaurant, The Flow, Club Hype, Club Titos, Cafe’Mambos, Aguada fort, Chapora fort, Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary, our Lady of Piety.

Best Time to Visit

It is strongly recommended to visit your favorite holiday destination post-monsoon period i.e. from October to January. During this time the water level is appropriate for enjoying activities like Parasailing, Jet Ski, etc. Moreover, the weather is pleasant to walk around the beach. 

Ways to reach the Baga Beach

The beach is located 15 km from Panaji. It has a well–connected network of private and government bus services. When using a bus it takes approximately 2 hours to reach the beach. On hiring a taxi it takes half an hour. One can also hire bicycles or Motorbikes at much cheaper rates to travel.

Goa International Airport is located at a distance of 15 km from the beach. By taxi, it takes 90 minutes to reach your tourist spot. You can also avail of train services, the nearest railway station is 11 km from the beach.

3) Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach

This beach is the third partner in the trio consisting of Calangute and Baga beaches. If you want to experience the true Goan lifestyle then this place is the best. Here you can visit the restaurants serving Goan cuisine.

Situated at a distance of just 12.5 km from Panaji, this beach has the best nightclubs in the town hosting parties throughout the night. 

Action-packed watersports, Appealing natural views, and lively festivity turned the beach into the most happening one.

Scuba diving, Snorkelling, and Jet skiing are some of the water activities tourists can experience on Candolim Beach.Your 3 days Goa itinerary is incomplete without Candolim Beach.

Activities- Try Snorkelling, Bumpy banana rides, Parasailing, and Scuba diving.

Places to visit- Mandovi River, Sinquerim Fort, Chapel of St.Lawrence, SinQ Beach Club, Bar Eclipse, Bar-Square bar, Inferno, Teama, Claudina’s Shack, Newton’s Market.

Best Time to Visit

To have an enthralling experience on the beach visit the place between April to November. This is the ideal time as the weather is pleasant to enjoy the beauty of the beach as well as to indulge in water sports.

Ways to reach the Beach

The beach is 12.6 km from Panjim. By bus, it takes half an hour to reach your destination from Panaji. The other traveling options are a taxi or private car. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach when traveling by taxi.

 Candolim Beach is 34.7 km from Dabolim and can be reached after a 35-minute drive by Taxi or car.

 4)Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Being the oldest church of Goa it is an epitome of baroque architecture. The church has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Its glorified religious and cultural significance is the main reason to add it to your Goa tour plan for 3 days.

The foundation stone of the Roman Catholic Church was laid in 1594 and its construction was completed in 1605. It is located in Bainguinim about 10 km away from Panaji.

This three-storied masterpiece has preserved the remains of St. Francis Xavier, a good friend of St.Ignatius Loyola. The facade is made up of granite and is a classic example of amazing frescos and wonderful stonework.

 Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit this marvelous church is from September to March. This is the post-monsoon period when the weather is clear and visitors can roam around freely without worrying about heavy showers. Like the monsoon, summers should also be avoided.

Ways to reach the Church

The church is just at a distance of 10 km from Goa's capital city. One can hire a taxi or get a Scooter on rent for a day. It takes half an hour to reach the Church from Panjim.

The distance between Goa’s international airport and the Church is about 24 km which can be covered within 30 minutes. You can either get a bike on rent for a day or hire a taxi to reach your destination.

Day 2 in South Goa


1) Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Beach is the most visited beach in Goa. This golden beach is just at a drive of 21 km from Panaji. The beach is deeply rooted in the hippie culture, the hippies were the first to visit this tourist attraction in the 1950s.

The highlights of this golden coastline are its cool nightclubs, beach shacks, flea markets, adrenaline-filled water sports, and full-moon night parties. The southern part of this beach consists of wonderful rock formations while the northern end is popular among tourists for thrilling water sports.

These features excite the visitors to add on this place in their 3 days plan in Goa.

Activities – Try Snorkelling, Parasailing, etc., or indulge in shopping.

Places to visit- You can enjoy a chilled beer at Club Cabana or dine in Curlies while parting late in the night. Shopping must be included among things to do in 3 days in Goa. The best place for shopping is Anjuna’s flea market.

Best Time to Visit

Winters are perfect for traveling to Anjuna Beach beginning from November to March. The monsoon season starts from June to September which must be avoided at any cost for heavy rainfall can play a spoilsport during your vacations. 

Ways to reach the Beach

As the distance between Panaji and Anjuna Beach is 18 km by bus, the estimated traveling time is 40 – 45 minutes. While a taxi or car takes 22 minutes to reach Anjuna Beach.

The traveling distance between Dabolim to Anjuna Beach is 23 km. When travelling by bus it takes around 43 minutes to reach the beach. In a taxi or a Car, it takes 41 minutes to reach your destination.

 2) Colva Beach 

Colva Beach

The Colva beach is the most visited one in South Goa having a coastline of 2.5 km long. Perfect stop for 3 days stay in Goa.The coast consists mainly of powdery white sand decorated with coconut trees on one side. You will find beach shacks, happening nightclubs on the beach making it the favourite among the visitors. The beach at the daytime remains calm and serene but as the night arrives its nightclubs come to life with the party lovers grooving to the music.

Activities- Enjoy action–packed water activities like Jet Ski, Banana boat ride, Parasailing, etc.

Places to Visit- Our Lady of Mercy Church, Little Goa Bar and Restaurant, Viva Goa Bar and Restaurant, Coco Del Mar, Sunshine Disco, Rafael’s, and The Baggie Cafe’.  

 Best Time to Visit    

The ideal time to visit this beautiful beach is from October to March. The weather during this period is the most appropriate one. At any cost avoid the monsoon season when the water level is high, activities like Scuba diving, Parasailing, etc. hardly take place during this time. Summers are also unfavorable as the climate remains hot and humid.

 Ways to visit the Beach

Colva Beach is 27 km from Panjim. The fastest and most convenient way to reach this powdery white beach is by hiring a taxi or driving your car. It’s a 40-minute drive from Panaji.

The Goa International Airport stands at a distance of 23 km from Colva Beach. It takes 30 minutes to reach the beach. You can either take a cab or drive your car to Colva Beach. 

 3) Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

This crescent-shaped beach captivates the hearts of many tourists every year. The picturesque landscape makes the place  a perfect entry on the Goa itinerary for 3 days.The white sand beach is only a mile long adorned with the swaying Palm trees on one end. 

The northern side of the beach is mostly serene and calm. It is preferred by visitors who are interested in spending quality time with their loved ones in a quiet mood while enjoying the natural charm of the place. The tides in the southern end favor several water sports activities like Kayaking, water scooters, etc. The attractions of the beach are dolphin spotting cruises and beautiful shacks.

 Activities- Indulge in Paddling, Jet Ski, Scuba diving, swimming, etc.

 Places to Visit- Cotigao wildlife sanctuary, Butterfly beach, Cabo de Rama fort, the Olive room, Neptunes, Cafe’ Del Mar, Havana Cuba, Agonda beach.

 Best time to visit

The right time to pay a visit to this paradise is from November to February. It is highly recommended to not visit during monsoon or summer seasons.

 Ways to reach the beach

The total distance of the beach from Panaji is 71 km. By bus, the journey can stretch up to 3 hours. Travelers need to change the bus twice before reaching Canacona.On their arrival at Canacona, they can take a taxi to the beach and reach the beach destination in five minutes. If you choose the train journey then it will last for twenty minutes, the nearest railway station is at Karmali

You can also opt for a taxi or drive by your car to be at the tourist spot within one hour and fifteen minutes.

The beach is 62 km away from Dabolim, the city where Goa‘s international airport is located. One can hire a taxi or drive by car to reach their destination within one hour.

Day 3 in Goa

1) Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

 Dudhsagar Falls located on the Goa and Karnataka border is one of the precious gems in the Crown of Goa. Meaning the “Sea of Milk”, the Dudhsagar Falls is the fifth largest waterfall in India. Goa itinerary for 3 days is incomplete without the Dudhsagar Falls. The falls are located inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. This milky white fall is divided into 4 tiers on the Mandovi River. 

The legend has the illusion of milk streaming through the mountains was created when a princess as usual was bathing at the waterfalls. She noticed a young prince was gazing at her. She immediately spilled the milk from her golden jug in the water to cover herself from the uncomfortable staring of the prince. To this day nothing has affected the pristine of the falls.Perfect holiday spot to explore Goa in 3 days with family. 

Activities- Try the Dudhsagar waterfalls trek, Castle rock trek, swimming, Camping

Places nearby to visit- Tambdi Surla Temple, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park Safari, Spice, Devil’s Canyon

Best Time to Visit

The monsoon season beginning from July to September is the best time to visit the falls as the water level is high, thus resulting in the cascading effect as the water flows down through the flourishing hills.

Ways to reach the waterfalls

Dudhsagar Falls is at a drive of 71 km from Panjim. To reach your destination, you can either avail bus service from Panaji to Tambdi Surla or go for a cab. Once you are at Tambdi Surla take a cab to drive your way to the falls. Total traveling time is 2.5 hours by bus and cab or by own car takes 1 hour and 46 minutes.

The distance between Goa International Airport and The Falls is 69.6 km. The fastest means of transport to cover this distance is either a taxi or a personal car. You can reach this tourist attraction within the time of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

2) Casino Pride

Casino Pride

To get a true Casino experience do visit the Casino pride( MajesticPride). This gaming venue is quite famous among the locals and tourists alike. The amazing floating casino on River Mandovi has a wide range of games, the popular being Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino War, and Andar Bahar. This casino has 40 gaming tables as well as special zones for children to entertain while parents indulge in casino games. It also has slot machines to play slot games.

The 10,000 sq. ft entertainment zone has multi-cuisine restaurants for visitors to taste different cuisines. Besides, It has a barbeque and a bar for players to taste chilled beer while playing casino games. Must be visited when on a 3 days trip to Goa. 

Best Time to Visit the Casino

The casino can be visited at any time of the year, and with proper air conditioning, the inside atmosphere of the casino remains soothing. A piece of advice for foreigners to visit the casino between November to March.

Ways to visit the Casino 

This casino is at a distance of 1.8 km from the Panaji bus stand. From the bus stand, one can take a cab to easily cover this distance in 5 minutes.  

The casino is around 28.4 km from Dabolim. You can hire a cab to cover this distance in 45 minutes or can avail of a bus service to get to your destination.

3) Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino

This is the largest luxurious floating casino with an area of 40,000 sq. ft. sailing on river Mandovi. Deltin Royale Casino offers a real Las Vegas experience. The casino has a huge variety of gambling games to select from. American Roulette, Indian flush, and Blackjack to name a few. This gambling paradise also has several slot machines and a money wheel. The special feature of the casino is the two different rooms dedicated to poker and Indian flush.

The offshore casino organizes comedy shows and live performances for their guests to enjoy. Your 3-day Goa guide must include this casino.It also has a classy whisky lounge for the guests to have exquisite cocktails. The restaurant at the casino offers sumptuous cuisine. Another highlighting feature is the VIP gaming suites for casino lovers who are interested in spending some time here.  

Best time to Visit the Casino

The ideal time to visit the casino is from November to February. When there are no rain showers. The weather during this time is pleasant. Moreover, this is the time when Goa is immersed in the festive mood with parties and carnivals going on. Monsoon season must be avoided.

Ways to reach the Casino

The distance between the casino and Panaji City is just 2.1 km which can be covered by boarding a feeder board from either the Panjim Jetty or the Reis Magos Jetty.

The Deltin Royale casino is about 28.3 km from the Goa International Airport. One can avail of cab services to reach the jetty near the cruiser.  

4) Club Cabana 

Club Cabana

This is the happening place in Goa more famously known as “Nightclub in the Sky”, for it is situated atop the Arpora hill. Your Goa trip plan for 3 days is not fruitful until you are at the coolest night pub. Club Cabana is the heart of the party capital of India.

It offers an amazing party atmosphere with its neon light shows and lively DJ nights. The club boasts of its spacious outdoor area with a pool. The Pub is a paradise for the night owls with its multilevel dance floors.

Best Time to Visit the Club 

The Club can be visited at any time of the year on any day of your choice. The place is open 24x7.To avoid any inconvenience make sure to book a table in advance.

Ways to reach the club

The Distance from Panjim to Club Cabana is about 60 km. You can cover the traveling distance in 1 hour and 25 mins. One can either take a taxi to reach the party destination or drive by own car. 

The Goa International Airport stands at a distance of 39.3 km from Club Cabana. The distance can be covered within the time 1 hr and 2min. Travelers can opt for a taxi or a personal car to arrive at the Club.

Questions Related to 3 days stay in Goa

Q.1 Is it possible to have a Goa Trip for 3 days?

Ans- Yes,definitely it is possible to explore Goa in such a short time of 3 days. The  only thing you need to keep in mind is to have a list of places you are interested in visiting. So that you have enough time in hands to enjoy your Goa’s voyage.

Q.2  Which are the romantic destinations in Goa for Couples?

Ans-  The romantic beaches to be visited in Goa in 3 days for couples are Candolim beach , the beautiful butterfly beach,Baga beach,to name a few.

Q.3 Which are the  tourist spots  to be included in your Goa trip for 3 days?

Ans- Goa is  a paradise to be at with your loved ones. The best places to include in your  Goa tour are Dudhsagar falls, Basilica of Bom Jesus,club Cabana. This list is incomplete without visiting Chapora fort, Anjuna beach, Vagator beach, Curlies.


Goa -the land of Sun, sand, and beaches is the perfect destination to get away from the hectic, dull life. These sun-kissed beaches excite families and newlywed couples equally. Although it is slightly a difficult thing to explore Goa in 3 days, our itinerary is surely going to help you to map out your Goa trip in a mindful way to unfold the magical land of Goa in a fascinating way without wasting even a minute.




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